Credit Packages and Pricing

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One track is 40 credits. Collections start at 100 credits and typically have 8 to 16 tracks.

PackageNumber of CreditsDescriptionPrice
Single Credit1Purchase a single credit1.00
Ten Credits10Purchase ten credits10.00
Twenty-five Credits25Purchase twenty-five credits25.00
Forty Credits40Good for one track39.95
Four Hundred Credits400Save 25% - good for 10 tracks299.95
One Thousand Credits1000Save 40% - Good for 25 tracks599.95
Two Thousand Credits2000Save 55% - good for 50 tracks or about 15 collections.899.95
Four thousand credits4000Save over %60 - good for 100 tracks, or about 30 collections1499.95 - $39.95 per track

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