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For creators with no limitations on usage, distribution, or audience size.
  • Full access to our entire catalog of music and sound effects

  • Licenses never expire

  • Monetize anywhere, including YouTube, TV, Film, Radio, social and more

  • No usage restrictions

  • Sub-license creations to your client

  • Cancel at any time



Sync license


Social Media

YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, and more.


Internal Communications

Marketing & Promotional

Software & Video Games

Wedding Photo and Video

TV, Film, and Radio


Retail, Restaurant, Gym and Studio

Publicly play the music (not synced to media) and bypass paying Public Performance Royalties.

Events and Stadium Shows

Publicly play the music (not synced to media) and bypass paying Public Performance Royalties.

On Hold systems and Waiting Rooms

Publicly play the music (not synced to media) and bypass paying Public Performance Royalties.

Unlimited downloads

The difference

  • Retain 100% of public performance royalty

    Say goodbye to royalty deductions. With our groundbreaking approach, you get to retain every cent of your public performance royalties.

  • High quality music, more music placements

    Experience top-tier music quality that translates to increased opportunities for your music to find its perfect spot in films, commercials, and beyond.

  • Easy to manage & track royalty

    Our user-friendly tools make tracking and managing your royalties a breeze, so you can focus on what you do best – creating music.

  • Non-exclusive contracts

    Embrace the freedom of non-exclusive contracts, giving you the flexibility to explore multiple avenues while maintaining creative control.

  • Maintain your copyright

    Ensure your artistic integrity and maintain full ownership of your copyright with our support and expertise.

  • Grow your revenue

    Harness the potential for revenue growth with our strategic solutions and maximize the financial rewards of your creative pursuits.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do subscription licenses work?

    As a paid subscriber, you're free to download and use as many music and sound effect tracks as you like. Only the audio used while you're subscribed are covered under our Media Producers Sync License. The media produced while subscribed will be licensed forever, even if you transfer it to a client. Once unsubscribed, your created media will stay licensed forever but any future projects you create with our music will not be licensed.

  • What happens when I unsubscribe?

    All media you created while subscribed will be licensed forever, even if you transfer to a client. After you unsubscribe, you can no longer use our music or sound effects in any future projects. You no longer own the sync rights to any audio obtained under the subscription plan.

  • Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

    Yes. You will stay subscribed through the end of your current term. You will not be billed on the next billing cycle. Remember, after your plan ends, all tracks downloaded are not allowed to be used in future projects. Also sorry, we do not offer refunds for the remainder of your subscription term.

  • What if I need to use your music after I unsubscribe?

    No problem, you can either simply re-subscribe or purchase an individual license. Individual licenses are good forever and can be used in as many productions as you like.

  • Can I add voice-over, add sound effects, fade-in, fade-out your music?

    Yes. As long as you do not alter the underlying composition. It is, however, forbidden to create a new pure music product by copying, sampling, remastering or any other form of duplication.

  • Is the license transferable to my clients?

    Absolutely! You are welcome to sub-license your created media to a client in a complete media production.

  • Am I covered for broadcast and commercial use?

    Yes. Your license covers broadcast, theatrical, and commercial use with NO LIMITS on project budget, audience size, or advertising spend. You can even monetize your media.

  • Does the subscription include public performance rights?

    No. If you need a Public Performance license, you need to purchase an individual license. This is for retail, restaurant, gym studio, concert hall, on-hold system or anywhere you need to play the music. When you add to cart, you will be asked which license you need.