About Stockmusic.net

Stockmusic.net represents music from award-winning composers from all over the world. We license music for film, television, advertising, video games, and commercial retail. And, have licensed music in top media productions including Fox, Time Warner, HBO, and more.

Stockmusic.net has been in business since 2002. We take great pride in our commitment to provide exceptional world class music, unparalleled customer service and to push our technology forward, making the search for great royalty free music easier and enjoyable.

Meet the Team

  • Ryan Allen


  • Alex Gorbunov

    Software Architect

  • Danny Wahlfeldt

    Creative Director and General Manager

Stockmusic.net Values

  • Music for Every Moment

    Our music is always the highest quality, representing every genre, mood, feeling, and culture.

  • Trusted Licensing

    Our licenses are industry-proven and battle-tested matching any license from a major publishing company.

  • Opportunity for Every Artist

    All stockmusic.net artists retain their publishing worldwide.

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