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Royalty Free Music With An Edge

Stockmusic.net represents the music of the greatest composers from all over the world. We license music for television, film, advertising, games and apps, even on-hold messaging and background music. Buying royalty free music from stockmusic.net is the easiest way to add background audio to any media application.

We have redefined the standard for royalty free music. By curating only the best music from the world’s top composers, we have licensed music in top media productions including Fox, Time Warner, HBO, and more. You may even recognize some tracks from mainstream tv shows and popular television commercials. Every track is legal and affordable. You don’t have to worry about copyrights, legal issues or price.

At $39.95 per track for a buyout, stockmusic.net is creating a large stir in the music licensing industry. We make it simple to find the perfect royalty free music you need without the burden and cost of private composition. Our licensing is simple and permissive. For all applications that need audio, stockmusic.net is the easiest way to be fully compliant, while offering only the greatest music available.

Only The World’s Best Music

These are not your typical collections of over-played royalty free music. We accept only the best composers and the highest quality, unique music and sound effects. Every track is individually selected and curated by real people with a real passion for music. Our composers are the best in the industry. Every style and genre is represented ranging from contemporary, hip hop, electronic, pop and rock, to blues, jazz, classical and everything in-between. Although our name is stockmusic, we are anything but "stock". Our hand-curated collections are tailored based on genre, mood, and usage. If you need exclusive rights, we also offer custom composition to help you get the exact music to fit your vision.

Our Manifesto

By Ryan Allen, CEO stockmusic.net

By licensing music through us, you are not only supporting our business, you are also supporting artists around the world. You are helping empower small artists who choose not to contribute to the profits of major music conglomerates. With your music license, you can rest assured that your music sync rights are covered while you are also supporting the music careers of musicians all over the world. We thank you for your patronage and your support.



    Our music is always the highest quality, representing every genre, mood, feeling, and culture. Our library saves customers energy by preselecting the best 5% of tracks in every category. Our user experience is clean and fast saving time for our customers.

    Music licenses should be quick and simple to obtain. Our licenses are industry-proven and battle-tested matching any license from a major publishing company.

    All music artists have the opportunity to publish their music with fair licensing deals, worldwide, like any other artist, regardless if they are signed by a major distribution label or independently managed.