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If you are a frequent buyer of royalty free music and need direct access to music without the network, the Max Edge Hard Drive is your music licensing solution. You get the entire library shipped to you on a USB3.0 hard drive, compatible with PC and Mac computers. Included are over 5,700 tracks and sound effects. Only available from, it includes our full, royalty free Media Producers License. All the music is quick to search and manage with the included search application. It's simple to find the exact track you need when searching by mood, genre, or collection. Every track comes in .wav, .mp3, and .aiff file formats. It's simple to integrate the library to your production workflow - even without Internet access.

The Max Edge is the perfect solution for media production companies, radio stations, schools, video game production companies, or anyplace that needs the synchronization rights of a whole lot of great music at an amazingly affordable price. Now you have every song you could possibly need, without requiring Internet access. The Maximum Edge was created by over 170 different composers, a world class symphony orchestra, and award-winning sound designers and audio engineers.

The Maximum Edge Music library Version 9.0 gives you a huge resource of royalty free music right in your production studio. There are no worries about slow network speed, or intermittent Internet connectivity. Also, The Max Edge includes access to all your music on Included are the Noise Control and Maximum Edge General sound effects libraries. The Maximum Edge comes on a PC/Mac compatible hard drive that we ship direct to your production studio. It also includes our "Edge Player" allowing you to search for music directly in your studio or workstation.

  • Get instant access to all tracks online
  • All tracks available in .mp3, .aiff and wav format
  • Includes an easy to use app for searching music (Mac and PC compatible)
  • Eliminates issues with slow networks or intermittent connections

Why Buy a Royalty Free Music Library?

A royalty free music library is a great way for content producers to enhance their video productions without breaking the bank. Sure, you could always commission music or pay someone to create sound effects for your videos, but you could easily spend thousands of dollars for just one sync piece, and that could be music that you only have the rights to use once.

With a royalty free music library, you'll get royalty free music like hip-hop and pop, as well as royalty free sound effects that you can use over and over in any video production. That's much better than songs and sound effects that you can find online that are all owned by an individual or company somewhere. You could lift a song or two and hope that no one notices, and they probably won't. But if that next video of yours goes viral, you might be lining the pockets of the copyright owner, not yourself due to a copyright infraction.

That's where a royalty free music library comes into play. With thousands of royalty free songs to choose from, you'll be able to complement any mood or feeling in your videos, and that can help you better connect with your audience. A royalty free music library lets you obtain a huge library of usable music for what amounts to less than a penny per track. That's much better than licensing one song for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But it gets even better. With a royalty free music library, you can use any songs in the library as many times as you want without racking up additional charges. If you're producing videos on any kind of regular basis, that can help pay for itself after just a few weeks, and then you'll still have thousands of royalty free music and sound effects to use over and over in any project you'd like.

Get started today by purchasing the complete library on a convenient USB 3.0 hard drive that you can take with you and use in the office, at home or out on location.

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