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Credit packages

Save over 60% by purchasing music in bulk. Credits can be used for music tracks, collections, and sound effects. Easy to use and never expire.

Number of Credits Description Price
1 Purchase a single credit $1.00
10 Purchase ten credits $10.00
25 Purchase twenty-five credits $25.00
40 Good for one track $39.95
400 Save 25% - good for 10 tracks $299.95
1000 Save 40% - Good for 25 tracks $599.95
2000 Save 55% - good for 50 tracks or about 15 collections. $899.95
4000 Save over 60% - good for 100 tracks, or about 30 collections $1499.95

Easy-to-understand licenses.

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    Our standard "Sync License" allows you to synchronize the audio to your media projects, an unlimited number times, distribute ANYWHERE and monetize for perpetuity.

    This license is for:

    • - TV, Radio, and Web advertising
    • - Films, Cable, PPC On-demand, and Theatres
    • - Video Games and Software Applications
    • - Podcasting, Radio Shows
    • - Social media and internet videos including YouTube and facebook
    • - Online "OTT" Movie Streaming like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
    • - Corporate videos, presentations and slideshows
    • - Personal, Wedding, and Non-profit
    • - Anywhere the end product is a non "music-only" product

    This license allows you to:

    • - Add voice-over and sound effects, fade in/out, re-record, duplicate and, loop.

    Our "Audio Only License" allows you to publically play just the music, not synced to media, and bypass paying Public Performance Royalties.

    This license is for:

    • - Directly playing background music in venues like retail stores, restaurants, fitness studios, waiting rooms and other public venues.
    • - Playing the music on on-hold phone systems.
    • - Playing at festivals, trade shows, concerts, theatears, exhibitions, or other venues that require a pure music format.

    This license allows you to:

    • - Add voice-over and sound effects, fade in/out, re-record, duplicate and, loop.

    Our Extended License allows you to duplicate the music itself and resell on CDs, MP3's or other digital formats, as corporate giveaways, gifts, or bundled with your products or devices.

    Extended licensing is available in your cart under "Usage" at checkout and you may choose from any of the following extended licenses:

    Extended Licensing - Per MUSIC TRACK:

    • Extended A ) Duplicate up to 1000 track copies=$0.10 per track: Cost $100.00
    • Extended B ) Duplicate up to 5000 track copies=$0.08 per track: Cost $400.00
    • Extended C ) Duplicate up to 10000 track copies=$0.06 per track: Cost $600.00
    • Extended D ) Duplicate up to 50000 track copies=$0.05 per track: Cost $2500.00
    • In the cart area beside the track under "license type", tracks will have the above options available in the pulldown menu

    Extended Licensing - Per COLLECTION:

    • Extended E )Duplicate up to 1000 copies=$0.50 per collection copy: Cost $500.00
    • Extended F ) Duplicate up to 5000 copies=$0.45 per collection copy: Cost $2250.00
    • Extended G ) Duplicate up to 10000 copies=$0.30 per collection copy: Cost $3000.00

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