Licensing Simplified

The most uncomplicated and permissive in the industry

We offer 3 licenses:

Media Producers License

Used to sync the music to your media application. Some example applications are:

  • Television or radio commercials
  • Television shows or movies
  • Games
  • Internet videos

Audio Only License

Used to present the music in public environments. Some examples are:

  • Retail and Restaurant background music
  • On Hold telephone systems
  • Intermission during a show

Extended Licenses

Used to distribute the music, as a pure music product. Some examples:

  • Holiday promotion music CD
  • Soundtrack to a feature film or television show

Media Producer License aka “Blanket License”

This license allows you to:

  • Sync the audio as part of a media production. A media production is an end product that is distinctly different from a music product. Some examples of media productions are movies, television advertisements and programs, radio background and ads, podcasts, computer applications, games, presentations and any conceivable, non-music project.

  • Distribute the media world-wide, with an unlimited number of presentations, for both public and private performances.

  • Present your media on the Internet, including YouTube, Vimeo or any other web platform.

  • Re-record, duplicate and release the music as part of your production in whatever medium you choose.

  • Voice-over, fade-in or fade-out, apply sound effects to match your media production.

This license strictly forbids you to:

  • Create a new pure music product by copying, sampling, remastering or any other form of duplication.

  • Resale or distribute the music as a pure music product.

  • Claim ownership or authorship of the music.

The Blanket License; “Media Producers License” covers any usage in which the purchaser is combining the music with graphics, video, or sound elements to create any media product/production that is clear and distinct from the music itself. The end product must be a non-music product. This includes content for tv, film, web, multimedia, podcasting, radio shows, embedding in video games and most other applications. You can use it, in as many projects as you like, for life. You may record the music in one or more such productions, and one or more times, of any length, in any such production. and all related music and sounds are owned by Trad Ventures, LLC. This license is between Trad Ventures, LLC and the purchaser.

Download PDF for complete details

Audio Only License

This license allows you to:

  • Present or play the music in public or private events.

  • Play the music as background music in retail, restaurants, waiting rooms or other public venues.

  • Present or play the music as “background” music, or “on hold” music for on-hold systems.

  • Play the music at festivals, shows, concerts or other venues in a pure music format.

The purchaser MAY NOT:

  • Re-record or change the music in any way.

  • Claim ownership or authorship of the music or any sub part of the music.

  • Transfer, share or sub-lease this license agreement with any other party. Every business location or separate business entity must purchase a separate license.

  • Sell the or distribute the music, as a music only product to any other individual or party (The music can be sold as part of your production or product, as long as it's not a music-only product).

The “Audio Only License” allows use of the music for on hold/background music, music in an office, restaurant, retail environments, institutions or other public places. This option is available at checkout only when you purchase music from the "on hold" or "retail/ restaurant" sections of the site. You pay once for the music, and can use it forever as an on hold message, or as background music in a public location. In the United States you will never have to pay anything to organizations such as ASCAP, BMI etc. because at we split the license fees with the composers directly. We have a direct license with all composers. The direct license is honored in most other countries, however in a minority of countries, performing rights organizations do not honor direct licenses, and the collection of fees is more like a tax. The performing rights organization will charge a restaurant or retail location regardless of the wishes or agreements of the composers or any direct license made. If you are using music for on-hold, retail, restaurant or public background usage outside of America, please check with your performing rights organization for specific details.

Download PDF for complete details

Extended Licensing

Extended licensing allows you to duplicate the music itself and resell it on CDs, MP3's or other digital formats, as corporate giveaways, gifts, or bundled with your products or devices.

Extended licensing is available in your cart under "Usage" at checkout and you may choose from any of the following extended licenses:

Extended Licensing - Per Track:

  • Extended A ) Duplicate up to 1000 track copies=$0.10 per track: Cost $100.00
  • Extended B ) Duplicate up to 5000 track copies=$0.08 per track: Cost $400.00
  • Extended C ) Duplicate up to 10000 track copies=$0.06 per track: Cost $600.00
  • Extended D ) Duplicate up to 50000 track copies=$0.05 per track: Cost $2500.00

In the cart area beside the track under "license type", tracks will have the above options available in the pulldown menu

Extended Licensing - Per Track:

  • Extended E ) Duplicate up to 1000 copies=$0.50 per collection copy: Cost $500.00
  • Extended F ) Duplicate up to 5000 copies=$0.45 per collection copy: Cost $2250.00
  • Extended G ) Duplicate up to 10000 copies=$0.30 per collection copy: Cost $3000.00

Simply add the track or collection to your cart. In your cart you will have the option to change the type of license from the default "Blanket License" underneath "Usage", to the desired extended license. If you require a license that is not mentioned or covered by any of our available licenses we would be happy to create a custom license for you.

Contact us for more information about extended licensing