What Music Should I Choose for Medicine Commercials

medicine commercials

Medicine commercials have to convey several important qualities. They have to be trustworthy, authoritative, dignified, and straightforward. Often, medical commercials can also offer a sense of hope to individuals who may be suffering from particular ailments. Music can be an excellent way of underscoring your message of hope and healing.

If you are crafting a medicine commercial, you probably have a number of questions. What makes a good commercial song? How do I choose a song for a commercial? What is the most used song for commercials? What is a song for a commercial called?

As you research to satisfy your curiosity, you may want to adjust your questions. Ask, "What's the right song for my commercial?" and "What song conveys exactly what I'm trying to sell?"

By the way, the songs in commercials are called jingles. But the real answer is that you may want to consider one of the tracks below. They're all great choices for your medical background music.

1. I'm A Mac Guy by Bruce Zimmermann

This song features a simple, winning xylophone plinking out a tune that feels authentic and straightforward — the kind of qualities you want from the company making your medicine. It's not completely serious and has a sense of whimsy that is a fun choice among medicine music songs.

That could be helpful in striking a note of optimism. Its use of percussion feels endearing and relaxed with a sense of curiosity that implies new horizons for treatment and scientific research.

2. Lets Make It by Pablo Torres

This inspirational tune features piano and a driving beat to suggest a high-tech future in which disease is completely manageable and survivable. A break from the heavy backing adds a sense of lightness, which makes it perfect medicine commercial music or hospital background music — particularly if it's a well-run, light, and bright space devoted to healing.

3. Inspiration for Success by Beep Code

This track feels soaring and futuristic. It feels inspiring and motivational, which is great to put underneath footage of patients beating the odds or a promising new treatment. It could work equally for a corporate presentation or as medicine-related music on a YouTube commercial.

4. Triumph by Beep Code

Triumph combines symphonic strings with inspirational, happy piano and percussion. It's simple but effective music to put your viewers in a, well, triumphant frame of mind.

5. Lagoon by Mikhailov Music

As refreshing as its name implies, Lagoon combines light electronic beats and shimmery synths to make for an oasis of good vibes.

6. Creating Future by Paul Werner

Look to the future with this track, which is on the faster-tempo side. It's got a gleaming sense of possibility achieved with intricate synthesizers and driving strings that give it a real sense of momentum. It feels perfect as the inspirational musical accompaniment to the announcement of a new medical breakthrough.

7. Technology Corporate by Nver Avetyan

Technology Corporate uses shiny piano arpeggios and a subtle but intricate underlying beat, including finger snaps, to convey a sense of the future. As the name implies, it has a corporate, high-tech feel, so it's perfect for lending a sense of authority to your medicine commercial.

8. Corporate by Two Mountains

Your viewers will feel like they can scale any peak with this inspiring track. Its interplay of piano and guitar feels uniquely uplifting, and its dancey textures really make you feel like relief is on the horizon. It's also unobtrusive enough to go under text cards if you want to convey a lot of important information without distraction, and it's great medicine music for YouTube.

9. Uplifting Technologies by Beep Code

Uplifting Technologies is one of the more whimsical and playful tracks on this list. That's great when you want to suggest that happier days are ahead. It would be great accompanying shots of people enjoying life.

10. Happy Smile by Beep Code

Happy Smile, as its name implies, is another sunny, upbeat choice. It has echoes of popular musicians like Peter, Bjorn and John, Vance Joy, and The Lumineers. It even features whistling and a soulful guitar break. If you're looking for music that puts, well, a happy smile on your viewers' faces, this is the right track for you. Its ukulele-playing good vibes make it feel like a day at the beach or a long-ago family picnic — all things that people suffering from sickness or pain can't wait to get back to.

11. Modern Garage Synth Pop Rock by Bobby Cole

The most important thing when finding a song for your medicine commercial is connecting with your audience. Modern Garage Synth Pop Rock feels like the kind of guitar rock that your audience will love. It features a high-energy guitar solo and a driving rhythm that conveys can-do and the power to overcome obstacles.

12. I Feel Good by ONENAIL

I Feel Good is another bright, rocking track that is indeed feel-good. It's like a day in the sun, which feels healing in its own right. It's upbeat pop-rock, set to get your audience dancing and believing in brighter days ahead.

13. Porcelain Heart by Joel Loopez

This chill hip-hop track feels geared toward a younger audience. It's relaxed and soulful with a big sound that feels recuperative. It's high energy enough to feel upbeat as well.

14. Inspiration Upbeat Indie Folk by Ikoliks

Warm acoustic guitars get an assist with a driving drumbeat. This is a great medicine commercial song, as it conjures up a world of wide-open vistas.

15. Aerials by Ikoliks

Ethereal and soaring, Aerials conveys a world where the sky's the limit. Its synthesizer arpeggios are guaranteed to send your viewers' spirits soaring.

16. On The Way To The Goal by Sonic Music

A sporty, motivational track that feels like you're running down the pitch like David Beckham, about to score the winning goal. And surely that's what you want from your medicine commercial?

The Best Medicine Commercial Music — And Where To Find It

By now, you hopefully have a sense of what's possible with medical commercial music.

StockMusic.net has the best royalty-free medical music out there. If you're wondering, "Where can I buy background music?" a better question is, "Where can I license it?" Royalty-free licensing is affordable and easy, and with royalty-free music, you only have to pay a one-off fee to use it as many times as you like.

The music on Stockmusic.net is of great quality, and it's searchable by genre, tone, and instrumentation, so you're guaranteed to find the right track for your medicine commercial — today!

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