Manage Your Music with Multiple Playlists

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Manage Your Music With Playslists 

What Are Playlists?

Playlists are sets or ‘folders’ that you can create using your own or other artists tracks on You can create and view your playlists through your account page, or by  clicking the Add to Playlist button

All playlists by default are private. Making the playlist public or private will not have any effect on  the privacy settings of the tracks within the  playlist.  All individual tracks within your playlists are still visible and available for purchase on the site.

Add to playlisrt
Create A Playlist

There are two ways to create a new playlist while you are logged into

Click the Add To Playlist Icon

To create a playlist from a selected track or collection, click on the Playlist Button  that is located to the left of the price. 

  1. Click the + button at the bottom of the pop up menu
  2. Type the name of the playlist you want to create
  3. Click Add.

Visit Your Playlists Tab

If you want to create your playlists first and add the music later, go to your Playlist Tab from your account in the top navigation. This will take you to your Playlist page

  1. Click the orange + button to create a new playlist
  2. Type the name or title for your playlist
  3. Enter a description or note for reference (optional)
  4. Click Create.
  • Remember, all playlists are private by default.

This will create the new playlist and add your selected track or music collection to it.  You will know  which tracks and collections you have saved by the orange color of the Add to Playlist Button. All tracks you have added to a playlist are identified by their “active” orange color.

Adding Music to New Playlists
Adding and Removing Music
Editing Your Playlists
Playlist Privacy Settings
Sharing Playlists

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