Best Websites for Creative Freelancers in 2018

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Over the past year, there has been a 30% increase in contractor and freelance roles in creative fields. These are the best websites that help connect videographers, photographers, producers, and creatives to grow as freelancers.


Online communities have always been a place for content creators to create, inspire, grow, and share work. Over the past year, there has been a 30% increase in contractor and freelance roles in creative fields. Many tools have been launched in the last five years to cater to this influx of creative talent. Sites like Fiverr and the Upwork are great options for creative freelancers, but lack the DNA and collaborative environment that those professions really desire.

With all of the websites out there that target both freelance and creative professions, we shuffled through the rubbish to pull the five most valuable sites that creative freelancers should be taking advantage of this year.


Motionographer ©

Motionographer is where you can go to find a curated selection of the top digital filmmakers showcasing their animation, motion graphics and moving image projects.


Hand-drawn or computer-enhanced, The Motionographer team chooses the most inspiring, creative and groundbreaking work, and highlights the “reels” of top independents and studios for their online community.




Fstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. This is the place for both photographers and videographers. Discuss various topics, share your work, and receive valuable feedback from the Fstoppers community ( which is around 1.5 million) Their community goals are to educate and inspire photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. For the past seven years, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.





Storyhunter is the world's largest network of video creators with over 20000 professionals in 180+ countries. Launched in 2012, Storyhunter allowed production companies a way to connect directly with video journalists. They now have expanded their offerings as a one stop shop, servicing both the client side and freelancer. As a freelancer, we recommend having a solid portfolio under your best before you create your profile in order to maximize the value of the connections and networking opportunities.

For media and production companies, the cost of connecting to Storyhunter's network of freelance storytellers can vary with monthly dues starting at $150. Once you get plugged into their network though, you have access to top talent.



Awwwards was started as a way to recognize and promote some of the best-designed websites in the world. The official Awwwards are given out each year, and the deciding jury is made up of some of the most prestigious designers, bloggers and agencies from around the world.

Browse the site to see the most prestigious, innovative and prestigious design and creative done in the world today. Stay up to date on what the most creative players in the game are doing, and use it for inspire and fuel your own projects.



Freelancers Hub on Facebook Groups

The community headline reads...

"This is a community to build connections + grow as a freelancer in the creative + web industries".

The community does a great job accomplishing this goal by carefully moderating discussion and sharing relative content that drives conversation amongst its members.

Facebook Groups is hands down one of the best features on Facebook...when you find the right one. We could name off dozens of Facebook groups for you to check out, but that is all you would end up doing there.Freelancers Hub on the other hand is a very active, perfectly moderated environment to exchange ideas and collaborate with like minded creative freelancers.




Founded in 2012 as an online platform for designers, Canva has spent the last 5 years expanding its offerings significantly by providing design tools that cater to every creative project out there.  Their efforts toward accomplishing their self defined goal of  "empowering everyone to design anything and publish anywhere." seems to be demonstrated on a regular basis by their impressive growth and understanding of their customer.


In addition to endless inspiration and templates, Canva is a destination for learning content targeting photographers, designers, businesses, and educators.  Not only will you be able to learn tips and instruction to help drive your passion, but you can put what you learn into action without ever leaving your browser. Canva's photography blog features articles that will teach you everything you need to know from the very basic up to the most advanced concept that will help improve your skills and inspire you more when taking pictures.

Visit them now online or download their app on iTunes and Google Play.

Remember, working for yourself as a freelancer is  not easy.

It takes a lot of hustle and persistence, but luckily your competition will also be your peers. Putting your work out there is not enough these days. Successful freelancers invest an equal amount of time and effort into the creative community as they do to pursuing clients. Start your own podcast, create a local Meetup group, or maintain a blog of your creative process. Whatever you decide, make sure you find the right online community to share your passion through.

You might just be surprised what unexpected opportunities will surface.

Original Article was updated March 22nd 2018

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