Together in Silence a film by Bruno Gages

Together in Silence is a reflection of the 3-day siege in Paris starting on January 7, 2015. The first terrorist attack was at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical news magazine focusing on liberal ideals. The attack on the publication served as a symbol against the far-left agenda and sparked the phrase "Je Suis Charlie", an societal endorsement of free speech and expression. This short film portrays the unity of the community in perilous times as more than 15,000 gathered in the center of Fontainebleaun just a day after the siege.  And in silence, they show that together they are stronger. Beautiful yet stark images show the people of Paris marching to show their support of publication and those who lost their lives. You can view the short film by Bruno Gaget below.

Together in Silence from Bruno Gaget on Vimeo.   Songs used in the film: Heartbeat - Emotions Heartbeat - Confusion Bereaved

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