Improve Your Video With Stock Music – The Complete Guide

Applying Stock Music

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Have you tried watching a video with a low-quality music track? It’s probably not a pleasant experience, and you might even forget the video’s purpose.

To avoid driving your audience away, you shouldn’t cut corners in terms of music selection. Don’t leave a bad impression on your viewers!

This article will  help you understand the importance of using high-quality stock music and sound effects. In addition, we will also explore some of the most popular stock music themes today.

Why Do You Need High-Quality Royalty Free Stock Music?

Investing in an awesome collection of royalty free music is a great move. If you’re a video creator with a consistent production schedule, you must have a large pool of great stock music to choose from.

Think about this – you can just focus on creating a script or editing the video. If you have the necessary music tracks, just pull them up from your collection and start synchronizing.

Keep in mind, however, that you should only pick high-quality stock music from a reputable source. Whether you believe it or not, poor music quality will damage your viewership in the long run. This is not good, especially if you’re trying to deliver a brand message to your viewers. is a great place to start. You can even listen to the site’s available stock music before downloading what you like!

Some Interesting Stock Music Themes

Royalty free stock music comes in many themes to choose from. If you want to make your search easier, you have to understand some common stock music themes and their purposes.

Ambient Chill or Relaxation

Ambient chill covers most, if not all, relaxing music. These music tracks are great for downtime, meditation, yoga, and putting down your head to get deep work done.

Video creators use ambient chill tracks for making presentations with either an introspective or a highly positive vibe. Some of the niches associated with the relaxation theme are spirituality & holistic learning, meditation, travel, ecological awareness, and general marketing.

Distance Ed

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Distance Ed theme already had a strong following. Independent course creators use Distance Ed stock music to make their courses more interesting and lively. On the other hand, professional distance learners also use the music to improve their level of concentration.

Office presentations will also benefit from high-quality Distance Ed music. If you’re tasked to create a video for your office, back it with some Distance Ed stock music and impress everyone.


Running along the veins of Blade Runner, the Cyberpunk theme is truly captivating. Some of the buyers of this theme are game creators, content makers, professional tabletop gamers, and cyberpunk enthusiasts.

Cyberpunk music will give you an exciting vibe with a combined sense of unease, curiosity, and exploration.

High Energy

Another popular stock music theme is High Energy. Filled with fast rhythmic bursts, high energy music is always complimented with an intense light display. Listeners of high energy will feel more capable of dealing with their daily tasks and challenges.

You’ll notice high energy tracks in truck and four wheel drive commercials, parties, gym ads, and night tourism marketing. The theme is also flexible enough for other types of videos.


Are you looking for kinds of music that trigger feelings of bravery and heroism? How about stock music designed to uplift an organization’s mission? In such cases, Epic stock music is the theme to choose.

Epic music themes are typically used by video creators who intend to deliver a strong message or courage and winning. If your goal is to inspire people or recruit potential members to your organization, you won’t be disappointed backing your message with Epic music.


Hip and fancy, pop tunes are the hallmarks of the modern era. Pop music tracks often put people in a joyful mood, creating a positive environment. This is the reason why pop stock music is often heard in malls, clothing retailers, pubs, and even some restaurants.

If you want people to vibe with you and your organization, try incorporating some Pop-themed music tracks and put some bounce into your audience’s step.

Important Music Editing Strategies

If you’re creating a video from scratch, it’s imperative to know some essential audio editing strategies. These strategies will help you integrate high-quality stock music to your video with little or no difficulty.

Fading Considerations

This simple technique will eliminate unnecessary sounds and improve the overall esthetic of your video.

It’s easy to miss some background noises, especially if specific areas in your music are empty. Always listen to the audio file closely and know when to apply batch fading accordingly. Through batch fading, you can save more time and increase your output.

Pro Tools 12.3 is a great tool for doing batch fades due to its wide range of functions. You can simply create a crossfade preset and load it whenever needed. Other useful features are waveform transparency, exporting, and dynamic windows for editing multiple tracks.

Experiment With Audio Nudging

It’s normal to move audio forward or backward during the editing process. This is called audio nudging – a common technique responsible for creating sounds with astounding quality and high degree of immersion.

While audio nudging seems easy, it takes continuous practice to master the technique. You need adequate timing to catch a moment that contributes to an audio’s level of musicality. Just imagine how Hans Zimmer mastered this technique over the years!

Audio editing tools have a specific function called nudge control. Through this control, you can set the value or percentage of manual nudging. A soft nudge can bring you forward or backward by a few miliseconds.

You don’t have to set the nudge control to a very small amount. However, you’ll become more accurate with your edits by doing so. A larger nudge setting guarantees faster edits but requires decent experience with audio editing.

Final Reminders

Viewers will only tolerate your video if it’s backed with the best stock music collection. Nowadays, it’s easy to license amazing quality stock music in just minutes. However, you should not pick the first stock music provider out of the blue. You need a trustworthy provider with years of experience and solid proof of delivery with an industry tested license.

Once you have the best stock music options, take your time in editing and synchronizing the final track. It’ll take lots of tries, especially if you’re a beginner. As you become more experienced in audio editing, you can make videos with spectacular music over time!

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