Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Our Most Asked Questions

If you have questions not listed here, please contact us! We are eager to learn from you!


  • Can I sell my music or sounds effects on

    We are always looking for new artists to join our library. To be considered, please visit the artist's portal at There you can learn more about how it works and submit samples for our acceptance team to evaluate.

  • Can I use my purchased music on YouTube, Vimeo or other Internet video platforms?

    If you purchased our Media Producers license, you are fully covered to use the music, synced to your video production, on all internet video platforms. We wrote an article about this on our blog here!

  • YouTube flagged my video for music copyright infringement. What's the deal?

    When you purchase licensed music from us, you are 100% guaranteed usage rights on YouTube, Vimeo and all other Internet video platforms. But sometimes the YouTube Content ID will still flag your content for copyright infringement. We highly recommend you dispute the claim by stating "I have purchased a royalty free music license from I can provide documentation if necessary." You might need to provide your license and invoice and it will be taken care of. If there are more issues, please contact us.

  • I found a problem with your site. Can you fix it?

    Oh no! We strive to provide the best stockmusic shopping experience on earth. However we are only humans, and bugs and errors sometimes creep up. Please send us an email and we will do everything in our power to address this ASAP.

  • What usage rights come with the music I purchase?

    For more detailed information, please see our license page.

  • How do I get a Cue Sheet?

    It's simple. Just login and navigate to your purchased products. There you will find a link next to every track you purchased that says "Cue Sheet Info".

My Account / My Music

  • I accidentally purchased a track I don't want. Can I get a refund?

    Please don't download the track! If you purchased the wrong track accidentally we will happily refund you but only if you haven't downloaded it yet! Once the track is downloaded once, we cannot offer a refund.

My Music

  • How do I download my purchased music?

    It's simple. Just login and navigate to your account area. There you can search your purchased music a variety of ways. Just start typing in the search box to narrow down your purchased items.

  • I need an invoice for my purchase. Where can I find one?

    Simply navigate to There you can see your entire purchase history, and get a copy of your invoice.

  • I purchased music but it still has the voice-over. How do I remove it?

    Oops! You probably downloaded the demo mp3 by accident. Instead, navigate to your account download page. There you can download a .wav, .mp3 or .aiff version of your track, without the word-mark.

  • Do I own the music I purchase?

    No you do not. The composer still owns the copyright to the music. Purchasing a license just allows you to use that music for purposes outlined in the license you bought.

  • Can I add vocals and more instrumentals to a song I purchase?

    No you cannot. Purchasing a track only allows you to use it to make a new piece of media. The media must be distinctly different from a pure music product. You cannot add anything new or change the track to create a new music product. However, voiceovers, fade-in and fade-out, and background use are all acceptable use, when synced to a media project.

Old Site and Account

  • Everything is new! What happened to my account?

    Your account should be in place, including all your purchased tracks, collections and libraries. Also all your credits should still exist. If anything seems wrong, please contact us.

  • Suddenly, I have more credits! Did I win the jackpot?

    It looks good, doesn't it? Unfortunately your credit value is exactly the same as before. The exchange rate is: 1 old credit = 40 new credits. We changed our credit system to better serve you. You can now use credits to purchase sound effects and collections! You can think of 1 new stockmusic credit as roughly 1 US dollar. However, if you purchase credits in bulk, you can achieve a significant savings.

Royalty Free Music

  • What is Royalty Free Music?

    Royalty Free Music is music you purchase usage rights for. After a one time sync fee, you get usage rights for a lifetime, in an unlimited number of projects, worldwide, and with unlimited distribution. For more information, please read this article on our blog.