Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers to many licensing questions


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. The credit cards we accept are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

  • Can I use credits to purchase a library?

    Nope, sorry. Libraries are already heavily discounted, as low as $1 per track! Adding further discounts to libraries did not make sense financially, so we disabled that ability.


  • Can I sell my music or sounds effects on

    We are always looking for new artists to join our library. To be considered, please visit the artist's portal at There you can learn more about how it works and submit samples for our acceptance team to evaluate.

  • Can I use my purchased music on YouTube, Vimeo or other Internet video platforms?

    Yes! If you purchased our Media Producers license, you are fully covered to use the music, synced to your video production, on all internet video platforms. We wrote an article about this on our blog here!

  • YouTube flagged my video for music copyright infringement. What's the deal?

    With licensed music from us you are 100% guaranteed usage rights on YouTube, Vimeo and all Internet video platforms. But sometimes YouTube Content ID will flag your content for copyright infringement. We highly recommend you dispute the claim by stating "I have purchased a royalty free music license from I can provide documentation if necessary." You might need to provide your license and invoice and it will be taken care of. We wrote an in-depth article on YouTube's ContentID here. If you have more questions, please contact us.

  • I found a problem with your site. Can you fix it?

    Oh no! If you see an error or something that looks broken and out of place, please email us at We are dedicated to providing the best stock music experience available. Fixing bugs are a very high priority to us.

  • What usage rights come with the music I purchase?

    For more detailed information, please see our license page.

  • How do I get a Cue Sheet?

    All cue sheet information is available on your Download Page. Just login and navigate to your purchased products. There you will find a link next to your licensed music that says "Cue Sheet Info".

  • What are cue sheets?

    A cue sheet contains details of all the music and how it's used in a media production. It is distributed to Performing Rights Organizations (PROS). The PROs will use this information to identify which composers and publishers should receive performance royalties. If you need to learn more, we wrote a comprehensive guide on how Cue Sheets and Performance Rights Organizations work. Please let us know what you think!

  • Does your library participate in YouTube‘s ContentID?

    No. We do not submit audio signatures to YouTube’s ContentID.


  • Is the license good anywhere in the world?

    Yes, our synchronization licenses are good in every country in the world. However please note that when it comes to Public Performance, laws may differ around the world. Check with your local Performance Rights Organization to get clear details on your country's laws before you distribute your media to the public.

  • If I am making a video for a client, does my license transfer to that client when I hand off the video?

    Absolutely! This is our most common use case. You are welcome to pass the license on to a client in a complete media production. Your client does not have the sync rights to create new media with the music. They must only use the music in the media that you created for them. You the purchaser of the synchronization license still own that license and can create new media with that license.

  • Can I get exclusive rights to the music I license on your site?

    With our e-commerce system, you cannot get exclusive rights. However, if you would like to see if it’s possible, call us! We can work with the copyright holders to determine the music is available for exclusive licensing, and if so find a price that works for everybody. This is not always possible. Our library is non-exclusive, which gives the artists the freedom to submit and sell their music through other channels. We would have to see how widely distributed the music is, and if there are other non-exclusive placements first. We have done this in the past, and if you need such a license, just call us! This type of work is always a fun project for us.

  • Why are my videos getting copyright claims?

    This happens because of YouTube’s famous Content ID system. It seems like YouTube has taken the stance “Flag Everything Immediately”. This is a serious issue that plagues the entire music industry. Every music library has this issue, even the ones who claim “we never get flagged on YouTube”. There are many reasons why your video was flagged. Content ID is an automated system that errors on the “flag” side. YouTube has no way to know how you acquired the music that backs your video. The flag always comes from a third party. It’s completely out of our control that YouTube allows any third party to submit a copyright claim. All that being said, if your video gets flagged, just contact us with a screenshot of the claimant info. We will attempt to contact them on your behalf. At the same time, please dispute the claim! We 100% guarantee that you have the rights to use our music. If you dispute the claim, it improves the chances that it will get released quicker. It also sends a clear signal to YouTube that this process is inefficient! We wrote a comprehensive article on this situation and ContentID. It also provides clear instructions on how to dispute these claims.

  • What is YouTube Content ID?

    ContentID is an automated system managed by YouTube (a.k.a. Google) that sonically scans YouTube videos for audio copyright infringement. It’s fully automated and often makes mistakes. For more information, read YouTubes explaniation of what ContentID is.

  • How do I get the copyright claim dropped? How do I submit a dispute to YouTube?

    We wrote an extensive article on YouTube's ContentID system, including a step by step guide on how to dispute copyright claims.

  • What are synchronization (sync) rights?

    Sync Rights permit a media producer to use copyrighted audio in a media production. A media production can be but is not limited to, TV, film, advertisements and commercials, radio ads, slide shows, promo videos, podcasts, apps games, etc. We like to describe it as any “non-muisc-only production.” It’s almost anything that is not the music by itself.

  • What are public performance rights?

    Once the media is created, publically performing the media is NOT covered under a synchronization license. Typically public performance license is obtained by the broadcasters or publishers of your media. What happens is, the broadcasters submit cue sheets to the Performance Rights Organizations who track viewership. They in-turn bill the broadcaster a percentage of advertising revenue, who then pays a percentage of the revenue back to the musical artists. Rarely is the media producer responsible for Public Performance royalties. We wrote an extensive article on Cue Sheets, Public Performance, and how it all works. Highly recommended reading for anybody who licenses music!


  • Can I sell my music or sound effects on

    We are always looking for new talented artists to join our library. For more details check out our artists portal at There you can learn about how it works, and submit samples for our acceptance team to hear. If they think your material would be a good fit for our library, we will contact you with a contract to review. Please understand that getting signed by us is competitive and can take a long time. We currently have a 6 to 8 month wait for new submissions to get evaluated.

My Music

  • How do I download my purchased music?

    Just login and navigate to your account area. There you can search your purchased music a variety of ways. Just start typing in the search box or click on a column header to sort and narrow down your purchased items.

  • I need an invoice for my purchase. Where can I find one?

    Login to your account and navigate to There you can see your entire purchase history, and get a copy of your invoice.

  • I accidentally purchased a track I don't want. Can I get a refund?

    Please don't download the track! If you purchased the wrong track accidentally we will happily refund you but only if you haven't downloaded it yet! Once the track is downloaded once, we cannot offer a refund.

  • I purchased music but it still has the voice-over. How do I remove it?

    Oops! You probably downloaded the demo mp3 by accident. Instead, navigate to your account download page. There you can download a .wav, .mp3 or .aiff version of your track, without the word-mark.

  • Do I own the music I purchase?

    No you do not. Nor do you own the copyright to the music. Purchasing a sync license just gives you the right to use that music for the purposes outlined in the license you bought.

  • Can I add vocals and more instrumentals to a song I purchase?

    No you cannot. Purchasing a track only allows you to use it to make a new piece of media. The media must be distinctly different from a pure music product. You cannot add anything new or change the track to create a new music product. However, voiceovers, fade-in and fade-out, and background use of sound effects and dialogue are all acceptable use, when synced to a media project.

  • What file formats does your music come in?

    For music, we provide three download formats for the music you purchase – .mp3, .wav, and .aiff.   For sound effects, we only provide .wav files. All your music can be accessed in your download page after you make a purchse.

  • What is the bit-coding rate of your music?

    For purchased tracks, our encoding is as follows: .mp3: 320 kbps .wav and .aiff: either 16 or 24 bit, 44100 Hz. The demo .mp3 files are encoded with 120 kbps and are encoded with our word-mark.

  • How long is the music I license available for download on your site?

    Your purchased tracks and sound effects will be available forever. As long as we stay in business, you will have access to your tracks.

Royalty Free Music

  • What is Royalty Free Music?

    “Royalty Free Music” comes from music libraries that offer a one-time sync (short for "synchronization") fee that gives you usage rights for life. Royalty Free means you will never be charged an additional fee for synch rights, no matter how many times you use the music, where you distribute it, no matter how many projects you use it in. There is no expiration to a royalty free synchronization license, so it never has to be renewed. Our Media Producers License offers a very permissive royalty free music license. Come check it out!


  • What license does subscription music come with?

    You get to choose from either our Media Producers “Blanket” License or our Audio only license. Our subscription program does not add any restrictions to license terms.

  • What usage limitations are there with music purchased under a subscription?

    The usage limitations are defined in our license page. There are no additional limitations when purchasing music under a subscription plan. In general terms, you get full usage rights for life, as long as you don’t create a new music-only product, or try to re-sale or re-license the music itself. You can use the music in as many media projects as you like, for as long as you like, with an unlimited amount of distribution.

Usage Rights

  • Can I use this music on YouTube?

    Yes. Our music license can be used on Youtube productions. It is also good for use on Vimeo, facebook and any other Internet video service.

  • Can I voice over, add sound effects, fade in / fade out your music?

    Yes. As long as it accompanies another form of media and you do not alter the underlying composition. It is however forbidden to create a new pure music product by copying, sampling, remastering or any other form of duplication. The finished product must be synced to a media production.

  • Do we need to give the artist credit? Do we need to give attribution to on our production?

    There are no requirements to give the artist or attribution. Of course, every artist loves to see their work in production, so don’t be shy to give them a shout out. The same goes for us. We love seeing music from our library in action. Feel free to tag us if you share it anywhere on social media. If you do, please contact us and let us know about it. You may end up getting some free promotion from us.