How to Supercharge Your Video Content With Great Stock Music

Video creation process
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Incorporating great music is one of the best ways to make your video content stand out. There are lots of music genres that you can choose from – such as EDM, cyberpunk, or even inspirational. It’s almost impossible to make a great video without any music!

While it’s easy to find a provider of royalty free music, you should only rely on the very best. This way, you won’t stress over low-quality music or even outrageous prices.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use the best music in your videos. Whether you’re building Youtube content or a sample piece for a client, the right selection of music will create a significant impact.

Supercharging Your Video Content – The First Steps

You can’t make a great video in a snap. And even if you do, you probably followed some intricate steps to achieve such a result.

To supercharge your video content, you need to follow some important starting steps.

Analyze Your Core Message

The core message is what your brand is all about. This core message is the main factor that establishes trust between your organization and viewers (or also customers).

You shouldn’t rush the process of building a core message. It takes time and proper research to craft a message that will resonate strongly with an audience.

There are many ways to share your core message but video content creates immediate, recognizable impact. Try to picture a video about a controversial political movement. Even a minute from the video will cause you to feel a strong impulse. Many people are susceptible to this situation, and it takes only one video to sway them.

The best script will also deliver your core message strongly. Aside from a powerful script, you should add video effects, interesting stock music, and proper transitions.

Music is The Language of Emotions

If the core message serves as a bridge between the creator and viewers, then emotions are like guiding lanterns. Showing emotions is a common way to empower the level of trust delivered by your core message. This is the reason why a powerful music track can compel a listener to take action or, at least, share the content.

Royalty free stock music is great for conveying emotions because of its flexibility. You can add a strong music opener and build the emotional flow by utilizing other audio tracks. The possibilities are almost endless if you have access to a detailed library of high-quality music tracks.

Know Your Viewers Properly

It’s not easy to understand your viewers. You need to take note of many factors like audience interests, brand message, brand visibility, reputation, and even the time of video publishing. By understanding your viewers more, you can make impactful, hyper-targeted videos that will improve your personal brand further.

Research is the traditional method of understanding your viewers. But times have changed – you can now use tools to measure viewer metrics and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your content. Keep in mind that you can’t get precise results by measuring viewership once or twice. The process is continuous and will even take weeks or months.

The Most Exciting Music Themes For Your Video Content

With dozens of available music themes, you might have a difficult time picking the right choices. Thankfully, most music subscription libraries are divided into various categories that customers can always sort.

Check out some of the most popular music themes nowadays:


If you're planning to make a unique, relaxing video, you should try out an acoustic music track. This type of track evokes positive feelings accentuated by string or percussion instruments.

Acoustic music is excellent for videos related to tourism, social awareness, club subscription marketing, and even product presentations.

Modern Classical

A modern classical track is a great choice to help maintain the audience’s interest throughout your video content. Since modern classic tunes combine modern instruments with an orchestra appeal, the result is something worthwhile and memorable.
Try to add a modern classical theme to your video if you want to attract a large audience within the first weeks of publishing. However, don’t use the theme often. Just apply it to videos with moderate length and instructional content.

Cyberpunk & Techno

Cyberpunk and techno music themes are great for party videos or rave demos. You can use these sound effects to build hype and make people interested about a new product or service.

It’s not surprising that cyberpunk tracks are pricier than other common themes. Demand drives the price of stock music themes, so you should always look for a reasonable provider or company.

Happy Tunes

Relaxing music or happy tunes are great for skill courses and life coaching materials. If you’re also making video content for charities and non-profit organizations, you can never go wrong with relaxing music.

Other niches that will benefit from happy tunes are direct product marketing, Facebook awareness, and even nature trips or Yoga learning.

Unique Vocaloid Pop

Vocaloid pop is a unique sound effect with a broad range of possible rhythms. Gamers and game content creators love to use vocaloid pop for their videos, enticing dozens of viewers with every session.

If you’re feeling experimental, you can combine vocaloid pop sound effects with bright images and continuous light displays. Such a combination will invoke a strong sense of curiosity among your viewers.


Epic sound effects can inspire viewers with long rhythms and natural thumping beats. You’ll find epic music constantly played on videos about raising awareness or life development services.

If you want your viewers to take action right away, try to use epic stock sound effects or music. Combine this music theme with some decent nature shots and you’ll see positive results later on!


Improving your video content with stock music is easier said than done. It still takes hard work, patience, dedication, and continuous analysis. But if you have the right source of high-quality stock music, you now have a chance to build awesome video content!

Contact us today if you need new music tracks for your videos!

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