A Gentle Introduction to Royalty Free Music

Media producers in every walk of life use hand-picked royalty free music and sound effects to enhance their unique media creations and make their messaging much more vivid and memorable. From the small channel YouTuber to corporate branded ads, royalty free music provides a simple and affordable means to add some distinctive, stand out appeal that separates their content from the dull, unoriginal video we see every day.

When most of us think of royalties it involves a lot of legal speak about copyright, licensing and a series of ongoing payments being made to the owners and contributors of the content. After all, artists all need to get paid just like the rest of us and they deserve to be compensated if their property is used. We think of composers, musicians and actors receiving money each time their works are represented in a commercial, tv show, or movie. These practices are all in place to protect and support the artist’s work, however, it isn’t an affordable or effective way for creative professionals to enhance their visions. These types of traditional licensing can be confusing, very expensive and not a viable method of obtaining useful resources.

What is Royalty Free Music?

This is where royalty free music comes into play. Paying for content that is royalty free offers endless possibilities for a user’s designs on any budget, it is a one-time fee where the music or effects purchased to be used as many times as desired, on multiple projects and usually for life! With royalty free music, users do not need a firm knowledge of the music industry or the intricacies of licensing. The sites that offer RFM have taken the guess work and specifics on such things out of the equation for you to make your creations as simple as possible to produce. Simply search for what you are looking for and insert it into your project no matter what it may be … an indie film, a marketing campaign, podcast, blog video etc. The people behind the scenes at these sites and within the Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) have done all the work to assure clients that the experience is as hassle free as possible.

Relationships with Musicians

Royalty free music sites work tirelessly to discover and provide limitless choices for customers so that they may find what they are looking for. The relationships they build between artists, their representatives, and users are fluid and ongoing to assure that your possibilities are fresh and trendy. At StockMusic.net these efforts are taken to the next level with variety, ease of use and affordability. Unlike other sites that offer RFM, instead of rooting through an endless sea of non-descript, poor quality samples, every single audio track of StockMusic.net’s library is hand-curated and approved by its faithful staff to ensure that all of the content it offers is of the highest quality and relevance. Simply insert a few keywords and the advanced, multi-faceted search engine will process a wealth of viable and appropriate options that have all been carefully selected.

Need “yoga music backed by a choir with an uplifting mood” for your next video? The search engine is so advanced it can handle even the most specific of keyword queries. Have a demanding project supervisor or a group of people collaborating on your design? A new feature at StockMusic.net allows users to create playlists of favorite tracks which can be shared with co-workers allowing everyone to sample possibilities prior to purchase with ease and without the commitment of paying for them in advance. These elements are in place to assure that users experience nothing but the most painless and user-friendly experience all while discovering the best music assets in quality and value.

It’s Affordable

StockMusic.net was redesigned from the ground up for anyone wanting to build media, in all levels of professionalism. Video producers, music supervisors, advertisers, radio hosts, video game designers, from students to pros are all able to benefit from the rich selection of resources at Stock Music. But another very important key feature that separates it from the competition is the wide variety of choice users have with pricing options. Single tracks and sound effects can be purchased individually for $39.95 per track, or $2.95 per sound effect but where avid users can really save are in the monthly subscription plans and credit system. Monthly subscriptions start at $49.95 per month and credit packages can save customers up to 60%. There is certainly an appropriate and affordable set up for customers of any type and on any budget, choose from three monthly options. No matter the method of purchase, once a track is purchased it is available immediately to download, there are never any additional fees, and the licensing can be used forever on as many projects as desired.

Fast and Convenient

No matter what you are looking for StockMusic makes it simple and fast to find. With over 10,000 music tracks and 80,000 sound effects, using the search feature is a snap but another way to discover incredible possibilities for your project is to try the “music finder.” All of the tracks at StockMusic are separated into simple categories and genres from hip hop to holiday and tribal to techno. Every style of music is represented, and the huge library is also broken down into other sub categories for easy discovery such as mood, instrument, and artist. Say your project is Halloween themed, there is a genre specifically for that subject and using the mood settings for terror, suspense, or tension might just yield even better finds. Or go into the instrument finder and check out what is available in the organ or chanting fields. Navigating StockMusic truly is an accelerated process that is simple to use for anyone wanting to give their project the perfect compliments to their vision. With the ever growing, high quality, hand selected tracks of RFM and sound effects available at StockMusic, your media production is sure to be a head turner.

Tips to Effectively Use Royalty Free Tracks

When attempting to promote your new product, gain new followers, or attract your viewers it is important to know the likes and dislikes of your audience. Video content now represents nearly three-quarters of all internet traffic but getting people to sit through the duration of your work can be very challenging. A strong piece of media is like a good book, it resonates with the reader and has a lasting impression. The dull, uninspired videos we all see online are like awful ones, not much is attained from them by the viewer and they most likely will not even see it through to the end. Some problems these lackluster submissions face is the inability to hook the viewer, poor communication, redundancies, or just overall low-quality production values. Obviously utilizing a catchy tune or appropriate track of audio can make all the difference in whether your production penetrates with your audience, or not. In the media world nowadays, the duration of your content is just as important as its quality or communication its attempting to provide. Short can most definitely be sweet. What’s the point in having a strong, effective message to deliver if no one is going to stick around to receive it? If your viewers are going to have the audio enabled while they consume your work it is imperative that the music and effects you use are not only of high quality, but it must also evoke the ambiance you are attempting to convey. In order to make an impression, not only is your target audience important to consider but the pace, mood, and intensity of your overall story or message is also of major significance. Your audio selections should enhance the experience not distract or diminish what you are trying to communicate. In some scenarios finding the perfect piece of music first and then catering your production around that can be a very effective way of creating your vision.

Create a Smooth Flow for Your Audience

Music is the language of emotions. It is part of our everyday lives. It inspires us, can make us laugh or cry, and helps us to reflect on the past and dream of a brighter future. Certain sounds, instrumental arrangements, and tempos can evoke nearly any form of emotion on the spectrum. We allow music to soothe us as we enjoy dinner, crank up the upbeat jams to help us workout, and sing along to our favorite tunes as we drive to work. No matter the situation there is always a form of music that is fitting for the activities we take part in every day. The right choices of music can stimulate the senses, lift our spirits, and enhance our enjoyment of special activities. It is for these reasons that music can also have these effects on us while we consume media in all areas. Commercials, radio, video games, podcasts and the like all benefit greatly when the appropriate musical selections are made. Connecting on an emotional level with your audience can have very positive effects. The right song or track can leave a lasting impression on your viewers which ultimately can lead to increased sales, subscriptions, and/or traffic. It is important to know who you are trying to reach with your project, the message you are sending, and what types of emotions you are trying to evoke. Combine those objectives with the right choice of music, and all these targets can be achieved.

Get the Best Tracks for Your Project Today

StockMusic.net is an ideal destination for anyone wanting to build media. They are in the business of saving you time all the while providing a gigantic library of hand-picked, quality music and sound effects at very competitive prices. They have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the tracks you purchase from them are properly licensed and able to be used as you please without any worry whatsoever. It is important to respect the property and work of fellow artists. Musicians, composers, and the companies that represent their music like PROs are all business after all. We all need to make a living and creating media should be done ethically and by the book to ensure the welfare and prosperity of everyone involved. Selecting and purchasing the music for your projects should be simple, fun, and inexpensive. With the ease of use, wide selection, and affordability of StockMusic.net, creators of all varieties and budgets can quickly find what they are looking for to give their next project that extra special ingredient they need to make a lasting impression on their audience.

Music is a universal language that everyone speaks. It affects us and our emotions on levels not too many mediums are capable of. Originality and getting creative with your media are an important aspect of production and adding the right music can undoubtedly separate your creation from the rest of the herd. The amount of content on the internet today is unfathomable so getting your projects to stand out among others becomes more and more difficult. The search to find that perfect piece of music or sound effect, on the other hand, should not be. With an advanced search engine, the ability to create playlists, tens of thousands of hand-picked songs and effects at your disposal, and a wide range of affordable pricing options, StockMusic.net is anything but “stock.”

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