The Manifesto

william white

Our Manifesto


At, we are driven by these values

Incredible music for every moment.

Our music will always be the highest quality, representing every genre, mood, feeling, and culture. Our library saves customers energy by pre-selecting the best 5% of tracks in every category. Our user experience is clean and fast saving time for our customers.

Trusted licensing for all productions.

Music licenses should be quick and simple to obtain.  Our licenses are industry-proven and battle-tested matching any license from a major publishing company.  Whether you are a major broadcast network, a blockbuster movie producer, a radio advertiser, a YouTube Vlogger or producer of any other media, your music license should be one you can trust.

A fair opportunity for every musician.

All music artists have the opportunity to publish their music with fair licensing deals, worldwide, like any other artist, regardless if they are signed by a major distribution label or independently managed.

By licensing music through us, you are not only supporting our business, you are also supporting artists around the world.  You are helping empower small artists who choose not to contribute to the profits of major music conglomerates.  With your music license, you can rest assured that your music sync rights are covered while you are also supporting the music careers of musicians all over the world.  We thank you for your patronage and your support.

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