Your Guide to Royalty Free Dance Music

Dance music is one of the most popular genres of this day and age. It’s accessible, friendly to other sub genres, and of course, makes us want to dance. But it can be applied to so much more than pure listening.

It’s a great genre for video marketing, advertising, and public performance. If you’re looking for the best ways to use dance music in your work and how to do it, continue on.

Why Dance Music is Popular

Not only is dance music is a popular genre, but one of the digital age. Dance music has grown to be synonymous with computer engineering. If  you have a computer and access to a music making program, you are on your way to making electronic dance music. But it also growing as a genre. Dance music rapidly evolves, developing sub genres based on a new programming trick or remix style. And it’s main platform? The Internet. With easy access online and by using desktop tools, dance music has become so much larger than one type of music style.

One thing that makes dance music so popular is its innate remix culture. Tracks from other genres are constantly being remixed in a dance way to create a new sound and feel. Pop music is the sister to dance in terms of musical structure, bpm, and vocal types. But other genres are constantly being dance remixed too including hip-hop, indie rock, and even country. Through this remix culture and reach of online platforms, dance has become one of the most popular genre in the past couple decades.

But the pace and mood dance music creates is also why it’s so popular. It’s a genre that’s made to get people moving. It can turn the dullest of songs into a danceable track. Dance music also gives people a sense of community. Which is why dancing at clubs, school dances, and festivals are all popular forms of coming together with others.

It’s only natural for us to want to share and display music that we love. But with playing music in a public space, whether that be a cheerleading competition or a video on YouTube, you have to comply with licensing laws. The best way to do this is by purchasing royalty free dance music.

How to Find Royalty Free Dance Music

Luckily, since dance music is such a popular genre, you can find it just about anywhere. There a lot of independent musicians who post their music on sites like soundcloud and bandcamp. Some of these artists even let you download their music for free! When musicians are first getting started they usually allow for free downloads so they can be heard around the web. This is especially popular for artists who do electro or dance remixes of popular songs because it’s a great way for people to get a sense of their “sound”. And while it’s awesome that independent artists can get their music out there easily, it’s not as easy for those of us trying to use the music.

But the most reliable way - especially if you’re using it at live events or through publication - is going royalty free. Royalty free music is music you purchase once and can use forever. Here’s the deal: artists publish their music on sites like, and the site licenses the music. This means that you don’t ever have to worry about paying for royalties or wonder if you’re copyright compliant. And the best part of buying royalty free dance music is that these sites are incredibly affordable. At you can find the perfect dance track for your cheer routine, only pay $39.95, and use it as many times as you want!

While downloading free music on the internet seems like a pretty good solution, you’re not really sure what rules you are following or breaking. Which is why getting royalty free dance music is the easier way. Plus, many of these electro-dance musicians are probably already selling on royalty free music sites.

How to Use It

So now you’ve got your awesome royalty free dance music. But what are the best ways to use it? The options are virtually endless. But here’s a few of the most popular ways.

Online Marketing and Social Media

It’s no secret that online advertising is the way to go these days. Everyone is on social media which means ad campaigns online is your number one target. It’s projected that by 2018, 81% of shoppers will buy online. You know what else people do on mobile? Scroll through their social media feeds. So marketing your product through video campaigns on social is one of the most effective ways to make your company known. So you better bet that when a potential customer turns on the volume, they hear a song that catches their attention and has them watch the whole video. Electro-dance music is a great genre to get the customer’s head bobbing and toe tapping. Sticking to this popular genre will help keep the customer’s attention and gives you a better chance to sell them a product.

But even if you’re not marketing any product - you may be marketing yourself. Your social media presence is how you share yourself with the world. This can mean a slideshow of your latest vacation or a video of your hobby. We’re all after those likes. Having a dope song playing in the background is going to amp up your activity.

The other main usage for royalty free dance music is video streaming services like YouTube. Ever been flagged for using copyrighted music on YouTube? Yeah, us too. Using royalty free music is a great way to avoid that nuisance. Since royalty free music is compliant with copyrights, you can post your awesome video without a hitch. And with the prolific amount of royalty free dance music out there, you’re going to find a track that perfectly matches your project.

Live Events

Live events, especially public performances, fall under the specificities of using copyrighted music. Throwing an event in a public space? Yup, you have to use properly licensed music. Corporate presentation? Same deal. Luckily, since dance music is a huge genre that can be used in so many different situations, you can rely on that. Let’s focus on one of the biggest industries that relies on awesome music: cheerleading competitions.

One of the largest users of dance music are cheerleading teams. Cheer competitions are one of the most popular live sporting events for kids in the U.S. They need music to pump them up and keep the energy high while performing dance and aerobatic routines. But to make an impression in a competition, you have to have originally music that will catch the audience and judges’ attention. Forget the overdone remixes of popular songs. If you have original royalty free dance music, your team is going to stand out.

With a popular genre like dance, you’re bound to find it royalty free. And with so many ways to use royalty free dance music, you can have the peace of mind that you are using the music legally. It’s a no brainer. Go royalty free for all your dance music needs and you’ll never look back.

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