Composer Highlight: meHiLove

Yuriy Mikhailov, better know as composer meHiLove, is a sound producer, remixer, and DJ from Ukraine. Born in Kiev to a family of musicians, his love of music began early. But this passion didn’t stop outside the home. In 2000 he pursued an education in music, graduating with honors in piano. By 2004, he had decided to make music his career.

Electronic Styling

Once he went into the music business full force, meHiLove began to find success in the electronic and progressive genres. He started producing for artists on record labels such as Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, and Infrasonic Recordings. Some of these tracks landed on the top 100 chart from the electronic music hub, Beatport. But his music talents go beyond the studio as well. He has played live DJ sets with other electronic artists like Richard Durand, Ronski Speed, and Tucandeo. He has taken full advantage of the popularity and catchy-ness of dance and electronic music

While the genre of electronic is expansive, he’s stated that his favorite styles are progressive house, progressive trance, and deep house. Some may think of electronic music as simply computer program generated. But meHiLove cites his favorite instruments to play as piano, guitar and drums. His background in traditional music making has proven to be useful when transitioning to digital styles - there’s no substitution for musical knowledge besides knowing the basics. But when he is working digitally, his favorite programs include FL Studio for tracks and Cubase for sound design.


When asked about finding inspiration for composing music he said, “I think we can see inspiration in simple things like nature and beautiful girls”. And while the music he makes falls into the electronic category, his favorite artists that have inspired him include the classics: Coldplay, U2, and Sting. Those inspirations have proved to work to his advantage as his music has been highlighted in videos featuring supermodels. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid ring a bell?  ]While meHiLove’s music has been used in mediums all across the internet. Most notably, you can hear his music in videos from MODTV, a channel that highlights the lifestyle and backstage culture of the modeling industry. You can hear his tracks in the background of fashion shows and interviews with Victoria’s Secret models including Taylor Hill and Alessandra Ambrosio. Check out the videos below and make sure to listen to the high energy tracks from meHiLove here.

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