How To Post Music on Instagram Without Copyright

Ah, the magic of music! Music can evoke emotions like nothing else, whether it's a catchy tune that gets you dancing or a soothing melody that transports you to a different world. And guess what? It can do the same for your Instagram reels. It's a match made in Instagram heaven.

But before you start throwing the latest hits into your Instagram stories or posts, let's talk about something crucial: copyright rules. As tempting as it might be to use trending Instagram songs and audio, it could lead to some not-so-fun legal consequences. Nobody wants their carefully crafted Instagram content taken down or their account restricted.

Confused about how to know if a song is copyrighted or how to add music to an Instagram post? Don't worry: This guide is here to help you navigate through Instagram's music copyright laws and explore many options for using copyrighted music. That way, you can still make your Instagram posts melodious and engaging without falling into the copyright trap. Here's how to keep the tunes flowing and the "likes" coming while staying on the right side of the law. 

Instagram’s Music Copyright Rules

Understanding Instagram’s music copyright rules is crucial for content creators. Instagram strictly enforces copyright laws on those who use music without permission. You must ensure the music in your content either belongs to you or is legally licensed. Failure to comply can result in muted audio, content removal, or account restrictions. And it's important to note that Instagram’s copyright rules can change frequently to align with new laws or platform-specific policies. To stay updated, you should check out Instagram's official help page on music copyright regularly.

Although some users seem to be able to skirt the Instagram rules about music in videos, assuming you can do the same is risky. Even if you notice copyrighted songs in others' posts, this is usually temporary and should not be seen as a green light to use such music yourself. Following Instagram's policies is not just about avoiding penalties but also about respecting creators' rights. Always choose legal music options to avoid Instagram copyright infringement and safeguard your content and account.



Copyright-Free Music You Can Use on Instagram

When crafting content for Instagram, the background music or the accompanying music can amplify its impact manifold. But the challenge lies in the risk of infringing on copyrights. The solution? Delve into the myriad of copyright-free music options available to content creators. Here’s a detailed look at some of these options.

Use Only Your Own or Legally Obtained Music

Creating your music offers an unmatched sense of originality to your content. Being both the creator and owner of the music, you have complete rights to its usage. This allows for genuine freedom in shaping the narrative of your content without external restrictions. 

If creating isn’t your forte, commissioning custom sounds and music is another excellent choice. It's crucial to secure a written agreement from the artist outlining your rights and purposes for using the piece and ensuring a smooth usage experience on Instagram.

Use Royalty-Free Music To Avoid a Copyright Infringement

Royalty-free music offers a treasure trove of choices. What does "royalty-free" mean? Essentially, once you purchase the music track, you can use it indefinitely without recurring charges. It's a misconception that royalty-free means free of cost; it actually means free of ongoing royalties. However, it’s paramount to understand the licensing agreement. Some licenses could have restrictions based on geography, medium, or duration. 

Turning to a trusted source like is a hassle-free option for anyone seeking high-quality, royalty-free music.

Use Music Under Creative Commons Licenses

The Creative Commons (CC) license system is an innovation that's democratizing content creation. Independent artists and musicians who use this system often want their work to be accessible and shared. Depending on the type of CC license, creators may need to attribute the original artist or ensure that the use is non-commercial. Websites such as Free Music Archive host a rich selection of such tracks. Nevertheless, it's essential to diligently understand the specifics of each CC license to prevent unintentional violations.

Use Public Domain Music

The realm of public domain music holds pieces free from the binds of copyright, offering a unique blend of freedom and nostalgia. Due to copyright expiration or by design, these works are available for public consumption without restrictions. Classical tunes, folk songs, and traditional compositions often fall into this category. Platforms like Musopen curate these ageless pieces, allowing creators to weave vintage vibes into modern narratives on Instagram.

Use YouTube or Instagram’s Library

Big platforms understand the need for creators to access music without entangling in music copyright issues. Both YouTube and Instagram have stepped up by offering their music libraries. While Instagram's music library is seamlessly integrated into the Stories feature, YouTube’s Audio Library is a dedicated space brimming with royalty-free tracks and sound effects. By using these libraries, creators enjoy the convenience of a vast selection and the assurance that the music is cleared for platform-specific use.

Enjoy Our Stock Royalty-Free Music Library for Media Creators

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