How Royalty Free Music Can Help Your Business

Imagery and music are key elements in selling your product. And if you are a creative agency, it becomes even more important. In a market that revolves on catching your audiences eye (or ear in this case), you need to know how to sell your product in a media-saturated market.


If you're advertising a product with video, creating, editing and paid placement can get pricey. Using a soundtrack is key in creating a beautiful and effective piece of media, but also adds to the cost. It's no secret, a good soundtrack will make a large impact in the effectiveness of your project. But custom production is expensive and time consuming. Making the switch to royalty free music can be the solution to using great music in your advertisements, and in turn, make your business grow.

Video Marketing

Think about how you use social media: scroll, scroll, scroll. What makes you actually stop and engage with a post on your feed? Videos are eye and ear catching. With social media and tools like YouTube and Vimeo, video marketing has become one of the most effective forms of advertising. Videos are an easy and effective way to catch your audience's attention. But what makes a video campaign influential is the music. The good news is you don't need to buy rights to a popular song or wait on a composer to produce what you need. This is where royalty free music comes in.

How It Works

You already know what you need your advertisement to sound like. Finding great music is simple, just search through libraries containing thousands of world-class music tracks? Efficiently narrow your search by mood, genre, instrument to search your ideal audio soundtrack. Many composers who work with royalty free music libraries specifically produce music that sounds like popular and top 40 tracks. So you can't afford the copyrights to a Mumford and Sons song? No problem. Royalty free music composers are making tracks with similar sounds and influence that will be effective on your audience. So already you've saved potentially thousands of dollars in getting high-quality production music. In fact, for as little as $19.95, you can get unlimited access to our entire library of royalty free music tracks. And the best part is once you buy a track, it's yours to use forever. That's right. Use it again and again without ever having to pay royalty fees or worry about copyright issues.

How it Helps your Business

Besides saving money, how else can royalty free music help your business? Well, once you've been able to produce a great sounding piece of media, you now have the freedom to promote your product or business as much as you like, wherever you like for perpitutity. You now have more resources to increase your brand visibility for life.

You've got a great video promotion going on buy saving money and purchasing royalty free music. Boom. Your return on investment has just increased. You can now lower your media budget or move that money to another area that may need more attention. You are still getting high-quality music that is just as effective as paying thousands of dollars for it. You put a little in and got a lot out of it. It can also increase your click-through rate to your website. If a customer sees a great looking ad with a great soundtrack, they are more likely to click through to your site.  Effective marketing is key to gaining more traffic and therefore more sales. The perfect soundtrack could improve all of this for you.

So what are you waiting for? Easily search through thousands of songs to find your perfect track. And once you see how easy and effective royalty free music is, you'll never go back. Let us help your business grow- shop at for dynamic, high quality royalty free music.

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