5 Ways to Use Royalty Free Music

royalty free music

Do you have your own business, need to promote products, or create audio and video media yourself? Then royalty free music may be very beneficial to you. One of the best things about it is once you buy a track, you can use it over and over again. Buy once, use forever. Which means there's virtually an endless amount of ways you can use it. We've mapped out a few ways royalty free music can help you.

1. YouTube

YouTube is the largest video streaming service on the internet. It's accessible and easy for all users as well as being one of the pioneers of internet video hosting. But because it's such a large company, there are many systems in place to make sure no one is stealing each other's music for video use. This makes it difficult for us basic internet users who are just trying to post a video for your business or your cat being really cute. And it sucks when you know exactly what song will go perfectly with your video montage but as soon as you upload it, YouTube's Content ID pops up and says you have a copyright infringement. Luckily royalty free music is covered for YouTube use. With thousands of tracks to choose from, you won't have an issue finding what will be your new soundtrack. And because royalty free music is already licensed, you won't ever be flagged again.

2. Marketing

For anyone who's ever worked in advertising or needed to do marketing for a business knows how expensive a campaign can be. And in the digital world, you need visuals to be successful in selling a product. Videos and commercials are some of the most efficient ways to do so. And what's a good production without a great soundtrack? The music creates the mood, and you want your audience to be in the mood to shop. But why hire a musical team to put out what you want when you can just easily search for it yourself? It's easy to find tracks based on genre, mood, or instrument. So when you've got an idea you can easily go out there and find it without ever dealing with a third party. And now you've got the perfect soundtrack that will help sell your product with no problem.


3. Podcasts

Podcasting is the most popular audio platform to voice your opinion these days. With shows ranging from news to comedy to personal stories, the possibilities are endless. But like any good show, you need to keep your audience engaged. One of the easiest ways to do that is to have great background music or a catchy intro theme. But because podcasts are a publicly published entity, you're going to run into copyright infringement issues if you use your favorite band's music. No need to worry about that when you can choose an original sounding track that comes with a license that includes usage for podcasting. And since when you buy a track you can use it forever, it will help with your branding to keep a consistent theme song that your audience will identify your brand with. An easy and inexpensive solution.

4. Presentation

Ever been in a super boring business presentation where the person can't quite figure out how to use PowerPoint? Yeah, us too. But now you can make sure you'll never be a dud in a string of work presentations. The right music can shift the atmosphere in the room and more importantly how your audience reacts to what you're presenting. This could mean an inspiring, corporate sounding track, or something more upbeat and exciting. So spice up what you've got going in your presentation and truly engage those who you're trying to impress. But what if you're presenting something publicly? No problem. We have a license that covers that too. 


5. Apps

It's no secret that the money in the tech world revolves around successful apps for smartphones. It seems like someone everywhere is working on one. But why not make yours stand out with an awesome theme song? Or if your app is a game, music is a necessity. You need to make your product stand out in a saturated market and finding the perfect music for it is the way to go. And again, don't spend thousands on a professional composer when we've already done that for you. Or possibly even more relevant for apps are sound effects. Yep, we've got those too. If you're already pouring your money and energy into developing an app, you don't need to worry about how you're going to get great music. We've got you covered.

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