Over the years YouTube has cracked down on content. Their Content ID system has made it especially difficult to publish a video with music along to it. Gone are the days when you could create a video with a soundtrack of your favorite band or musician. In fact, it seems nearly impossible to post any music without it being flagged for Content ID violation. Royalty free music just might be your solution. But first, let’s dive into the reason why posting music to YouTube is much trickier than it used to be.


Royalty Free Music for YouTube

YouTube’s Content ID

So you’re trying to post a video to YouTube with some awesome music from your favorite band. But alas, it’s been flagged as a Content ID violation. In a way, this is good. The Content ID program exists to protect copyright holders and help content creators manage and monetize their work. What happens is when you upload a video to YouTube, the Content ID scans both the video and audio against the database of content. If you are using content that is owned by another user, the owner gets to decide to either mute, track, monetize, or entirely block your video.  So again, good for the copyright holder, hard on the average YouTube user. And aside from the Content ID Program, there are further rights and restrictions that apply to every video and all content uploaded to YouTube. Intellectual property (aka the video you’re trying to upload) can be represented as either an asset, reference, or video. Since when did this get so confusing?

YouTube Content ID

The process of disputing YouTube’s Content ID claim

And to make matters worse, the Content ID program isn’t always accurate. Many users have experienced unfair flagging of their videos, even when making fair use of copyrighted material. And if you do want to dispute the claim, you’re in for a process.

You do have the option of tracking down the artist to gain permission to post their music. But if they are signed to a label or a major musician, good luck on getting any rights. Even without the hurdle of a record label, rights to the music can be split up between composer and musician. And if you do get permission for usage, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee. So what’s the best and easiest solution to this problem?



Royalty Free Music

Let’s just skip over all this copyrighted music, okay? Royalty free music is simply the best solution. You don’t have to worry about YouTube’s Content ID system, your biggest hurdle in posting a video, without sacrificing a quality soundtrack. Royalty free music is licensed music that allows you to use it on several platforms without ever having to worry about copyright issues. Instead of battling the Content ID system, royalty free music is already pre-licensed for your production uses. You make a one-time purchase of a track and receive lifetime usage rights of it without ever having to pay additional fees for it. This means that you can use the track over and over again, in as many videos as you want, without getting flagged. And even better? You don’t have to sacrifice quality music. World-class composers produce music for every purpose. From sweeping classical overtures, to pop anthems, to edgy hip hop beats, you can find everything in a royalty free music library.

Now of course the type of usage is based on what license comes with the music you’ve purchased. Luckily, YouTube usage falls under the Media Producer’s License, the cheapest and most widely used.

If you need royalty free music to complete your videos and never worry about YouTube flagging again, shop the expansive library at stockmusic.net. Find the perfect track through searching by genre, mood, or instrument. All of the music in stockmusic.net’s library is cleared for YouTube, Vimeo, and all other video sharing platforms. No more copyright issues, Content ID flagging, and stress. Royalty free music is your easiest and best solution to making your YouTube video perfect.




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