3 Reasons Why You Should Use Royalty Free Music

3 Reasons to use Royalty Free Music

Stock media has a stigma: it's a cheap way to get mediocre media without putting in a whole lot of effort.
However, this idea couldn't be less true, especially in the realm of royalty free music. The stock music industry is booming with opportunities from both sides of the creator and buyer. It is no longer the time of cheesy jingles and basic sounding themes. The market is full of high quality and unique products for any job. Modern libraries are full of every genre, mood, and style you could imagine in a wide assortment of distinctive.

Still not quite convinced? Here are 3 reasons why royalty free music is a far richer experience then you may expect:

1. It's Affordable

Finding the perfect musician then hiring them for a custom composition is both expensive and time-consuming. Using royalty free music allows you to get the perfect track for a low price. At stock music.net, it's only $39.95 per track for basic licensing. You also choose your license based on how the music will be used, allowing for flexibility in usage and price. Anyway, it's simple licensing for any place, event, or project. And best of all? You buy it once and use it forever.

2. It's Convenient

You can't beat the convenience of shopping online. It saves you time and stress.

A simple and defined interface helps you find the perfect song. It's easy to search and find exactly what you want by mood, genre, instrument, and more.

  • saves time
  • easy interface (give examples for stockmusic.net specifically - download desktop recording software then make gif of me scrolling through the site)
  • easy to search and find exactly what you want by mood, genre, instrument etc.

3. High Quality

  • gone are the days where stock music was average and boring. These days you can find whatever you need.

So why opt for anything else than royalty free music when you've got price, time, and quality on your side?

Mixdown Music has been licensing music for over 18 years. Come check out our wide variety and world-class quality at an amazing price.

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