Tips for Finding Happy Go Lucky Commercial Music

Happy go lucky music

Are you getting ready to launch a new commercial? Looking for that perfect happy go lucky soundtrack to get your message across? Well, there’s an art to finding the right music. We’ll happily show you everything you need to know.


In 2018, emotion sells everything. No longer are the days of the guy's guy car commercial. Nowadays, advertisers are trying to create the strongest relationship with the consumer by tapping their emotions.   With music being the language of emotion, advertisers are scrambling to connect with the strongest one... happiness. Look no further than the Super Bowl Ads of this year to see why Happy Go Lucky music will help you create that bond with your soon-to-love-you customers.

Emotional Connection

Whether your audience knows it or not, music builds an emotional connection with the viewer and can direct how they feel about the message. And if you choose the right music, you’re going to draw more customers in. So when making a video that will reach a wide audience, it’s a good idea to keep it approachable. Fortunately, happy go lucky music is easy to consume and generally puts your audience in a good mood.

So the most important thing to consider when choosing your music, is how will this make the audience feel? You want to create an emotional connection to your product and the easiest gateway is through the music.

Amazon Prime does a great job in evoking emotion in this commercial:

Without any dialogue, just emotional piano music, Amazon is able to show how their service can make a difference in your life.

Purell creates a happy go lucky feeling with their choice of music in this commercial

While this commercial has narration to explain their product, they create an easy-going mood with the music to establish trust with the customers. 

But you don’t need a popular hit or even a track with lyrics to get your happy go lucky vibe across. You can put potential customers in a great mood by keeping other musical aspects in mind.

What to Consider


The music you choose for your commercial is going to create a connection with your product. Going for that happy go lucky sound will ensure that your product creates happiness and a carefree process.


What is the pace of your video? How is it cut? What are the images shown? These are all important aspects of how a commercial or marketing video comes together. The music you choose must seamlessly connect to these images not only in concept, but how it flows. Fortunately for you, happy go lucky music stays upbeat, light, and friendly. It’s a good option to easily edit into a video and get your message across.


There’s a few key instruments to make music have that happy go lucky feeling.

  • Ukelele

    Easy Strumming On A String Instruments With A High Pitch Creates A Chill, And Light Atmosphere.

  • Chimes

    These Bells Gives Childlike Wonder To The Listener. And With Several Octave Options, You Can Play Almost Anything With Them.

  • Human Instruments

    Clapping, Whistling, Snapping. Give A Sense Of Easy-Going, And Creates A Connection With The Listener. They Can Clap And Whistle Along Too!

Using instruments of higher frequencies overall conveys a happy and positive attitude. The simplicity of these instruments makes way to creating a happy go lucky vibe. Keep it simple and pleasant, and you’ll grab your audience’s attention. If you make the music easy, your message will come across as easy too. When you find a song that gets your head bobbing, foot tapping, and lightens the mood, you know you’re on the right track.


So now you’ve got an idea of how to pick the best happy go lucky music for your commercial or marketing video. Now comes the next most important thing: budget. How much do you have to spend on music production? If you work for a big media firm, you might have the money to buy licensing usages for popular music, tracks that your audience will immediately recognize. This can be great especially when targeting a wide audience like prime-time television slots. But it’s more likely that you don’t have thousands of dollars lying around. The next best solution is royalty free music.

Royalty free music is music that is pre-licensed for your usage convenience. Normally when you use music on a large platform, you have to pay the artist royalties. But with royalty free music services, they take care of that step for you. All you have to do is find the perfect track. Many sites have large libraries you can sort through by genre, mood, instrument, and more. This is great because if you’ve already got a certain sound in mind, all you have to do is filter through the library to get it. And the best part about royalty free music is it’s incredibly cost effective. You can buy one track, at one fee, and use it again and again in your projects. Of course it all depends on the license that comes with the music, but most services allow for multiple usages and flexibility for your production. For example, has all their media production tracks at just $39.95. So you can score your video with the perfect happy go lucky music at an incredibly affordable price.

No matter the budget size, royalty free music can still be a great option. Some sites offer exclusive content or customized music that composers make just for you.

Once you’ve got the resources to find happy go lucky music, you can go off and score your commercial and allow your audience to connect with your company.

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