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Music Copyright Explained: How It Works and Types of Licensing Available

By Ryan Allen | September 2, 2019

Adding music and sound effects to a video production is a very popular practice and can give a project the added, finishing touches that all professional media producers desire. When choosing the right content for a project there are many factors to consider such as your work’s goals, your target audience, and the genre or …

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8 Background Music Genres that Video Producers Need to Master

By Ryan Allen | August 26, 2019

Curating a Great Library: 8 Background Music Genres that Video Producers Need to Master Adding background music to pair with a video production can be a very beneficial endeavor. However, choosing a fitting tune or melody to enhance your project can be a challenging decision. Background music in its simplest, most effective form should be …

8 Background Music Genres that Video Producers Need to Master Read More »

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A Gentle Introduction to Royalty Free Music

By Ryan Allen | August 20, 2019

Media producers in every walk of life use hand-picked royalty free music and sound effects to enhance their unique media creations and make their messaging much more vivid and memorable. From the small channel YouTuber to corporate branded ads, royalty free music provides a simple and affordable means to add some distinctive, stand out appeal …

A Gentle Introduction to Royalty Free Music Read More »

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Thumbs using a tablet

9 Tips for Creating Fantastic Social Media Video That People Will Love and Share

By Ryan Allen | August 6, 2019

Since the dawn of Internet video, people have been more likely to view online videos vs. watching TV. For brands, this means it’s become imperative to showcase your product and services in visual form. Creating an engaging and informative video is an excellent medium for this. The right mix of creative and thoughtful video is one way to …

9 Tips for Creating Fantastic Social Media Video That People Will Love and Share Read More »

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cue sheets

The Ultimate Guide to Cue Sheets

By Ryan Allen | July 23, 2019

Everything you need to know about this important document in the media production industry. Ensure musicians are fairly compensated for their work and gain extensive knowledge with our Ultimate Guide to Cue Sheets.

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Freelancers heeader

How Budding Creative Freelancers Can Get their Work Noticed

By Ryan Allen | July 16, 2019

A freelance way of life and work is becoming increasingly popular. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of independent copywriters, designers, photographers, filmmakers and podcasters that constantly search for new clients and new gigs.

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Interview: CEO Ryan Allen on Making Music Licensing Simple.

By Ryan Allen | July 2, 2019

Ryan Allen, CEO of, shares his unique journey in an interview with Niel Guilarte from All Things Post. The interview details his vision for rebuilding an existing brand in order to better serve the creative community with music licensing….

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5 Podcasts To Listen To If You Edit Video

By Ryan Allen | June 28, 2019

As terrestrial radio slowly dies and mainstream media becomes less trusted on a daily basis, podcasts are quickly rising in the background as alternatives for people looking to be entertained and well informed.

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Bobby Cole

From Creepy to Cool, Bobby Cole’s Music Will Set the Mood

By Ryan Allen | June 3, 2019

From haunting melodies to rock and roll backgrounds,  Bobby Cole has proven himself to be a master in creating production music and sounds that can pull audiences into new and terrifying places…

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The Dos and Donts of Starting a Podcast

By Ryan Allen | May 16, 2019

Whether you are doing it for your company or yourself you can rest assured that in 2018 it is easier than ever to launch a podcast successfully. We decided to speak with our podcasting community for advice they would give new podcasters starting out.

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Which Marketing Videos to Make for your Business

By Ryan Allen | April 6, 2019

With the demand and the supply for online video is not expected to slow down this year, make sure you are making the right ones the right way.

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Background music

When To License Background Music for your Business

By Ryan Allen | March 30, 2019

From inspiring and motivational scores to ambient tracks for setting the mood, choosing the right background music for your business or project is more important than you think…

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How To Dispute An Illegitimate YouTube Copyright Claim

By Ryan Allen | March 21, 2019

These can be frustrating, but rest assured you are not alone. We have not lost a single YouTube copyright dispute and work closely with our customers to get them resolved.  Here is everything you need to know to navigate this process on YouTube…

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music in business

An Introduction to Licensing Music For Your Business

By Ryan Allen | March 6, 2019

It’s important to know the basic rules of music licensing before bringing it into your business. Here are the basics to get you up to speed.

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Composer Highlight: meHiLove

By Ryan Allen | February 8, 2019

Yuriy Mikhailov, better know as composer meHiLove, is a sound producer, remixer, and DJ from Ukraine. Born in Kiev to a family of musicians, his love of music began early. But this passion didn’t stop outside the home. In 2000 he pursued an education in music, graduating with honors in piano. By 2004, he had decided to make music his career.

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Your Guide to Royalty Free Dance Music

By Ryan Allen | December 9, 2018

Dance music is one of the most popular genres of this day and age. It’s accessible, friendly to other sub genres, and of course, makes us want to dance. But it can be applied to so much more

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westworld hbo

Western Movie Music

By Ryan Allen | November 30, 2018

Western movie music is a definitive genre that creates specific imagery and transports the listener to the Western frontier. On the edge of civilization is the the opportunity of adventure and manifesto. This is what Western movie music portrays. So what is the history of it? And how can you produce your own Western theme? Let’s travel to the wild west to discover.

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royalty free music

What Is Royalty Free Music?

By Ryan Allen | November 15, 2018

If you are a media producer or any kind, you may have heard this term: Royalty Free Music. But you may also be unfamiliar with what exactly royalty free music means or how it can help your workflow. Here we will break down not only the meaning of royalty free music, but how it works, who uses it and more.

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Who Buys Royalty Free Music?

By Ryan Allen | November 9, 2018

There’s a lot more to royalty free music and how it can be used than you think. You might be missing out on an opportunity to help your work and business. Let’s delve in further.

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How to Use Royalty Free Holiday Music

By Ryan Allen | October 25, 2018

Fall is wrapping up which means holiday prep begins now! And as the weather gets colder and presents are on everyone’s mind, you can’t seem to go anywhere without hearing holiday music. Whether you are out shopping, driving with the radio on, or watching TV at home you will undoubtedly hear those familiar jingles. So …

How to Use Royalty Free Holiday Music Read More »

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