Super Bowl 2018 Halftime Commercials

Super Bowl Halftime: Its All About the Music.

When Michael Jackson took the stage in 1993, The Super Bowl halftime show changed forever. Prior to the King of Pop taking the stage, halftime shows typically only featured marching bands. Since then the show has only grown in scale and grandiosity. The larger, more popular shows spawned a serious fight for the advertising space. Now, the 30 seconds before and after the big show are considered 'premium real-estate" to advertisers.


This year was no exception as brands like Verizon, Toyota, and Pepsi all fought for the spots next to Justin Timberlake. The ones that did, continued the show with top music from Foreigner, Alicia Keys, and Kesha.  

Not everyone needs to use the top songs or musicians, but they all hit home runs and used music to drive the message home. Here are our favorite five from halftime.

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 2018 Super Bowl Commercials - A Definitive Guide to the Music

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Yellow Tail Australian Wine

Yellow Tail 

Food & Beverage • 30 Seconds •  Burns Group

A very fun commercial with a kangaroo blowing a party whistle and lots of confetti. The music was a fun stock dance track. A brilliantly executed commercial that made me chuckle. This was the first wine brand to advertise on the Super Bowl in 40 years.

Music License: Stock music license

Similar Music on StockMusic.netRock It, Beating Hearts

We're All One Team


Automobile • 60 Seconds •  Saatchi & Saatchi

Most of the commercial was backed by various stock tracks, all with a modern twist to traditional music reflecting each's culture.  Very well done Toyota.

A great commercial where a rabbi picks up a catholic priest, who then picks up a Muslim priest, who then all go and pick up a Buddhist monk. Hilarity ensues when the rabbi plays Foreigner "I Want to Know What Love Is". The priest asks if he can change the station, and the rabbi slowly and confidently says "...No". They meet a group of nuns at the game.

Music License: Rhythm Safari, Atlantic Records

Track: I Want to Know What Love Is
Artist: Foreigner

Similar Music on Rock Super Steady, Meat Grinder, Flare Jeans 

This Girl Is On Fire

NBC Olympics

Sports • 60 Seconds • Anomaly

This isn't actually an advertisement, as it's presented by NBC making it an endorsement. However, it did consume $10 Million dollars worth of potential advertising space.  The team at Anomaly clearly knows how to make motivational commercials.  Who is not inspired after watching this?

Music License: Arista Columbia, J, RCA, Sony
Track: Girl on Fire
Artist: Alicia Keys

Similar Music on StockMusic.netEmotional Hip Hop, Imagine, Energetic Building Pop

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All Our Thanks


Technology • 30 Seconds • Amir Bar-Lev (Dir.)

Verizon actually had two 30 second commercials. They did a great job capturing how cell phone technology helps save lives in disasters. Their choice of inspirational soft piano music was perfect for the feelings of hope and gratitude for the rescuers and for those who survived. The last year had too many horrible disasters, both natural and man-caused. When advertisers capitalize on tragedy, it often leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But in this case, it's clear that cell phone technology helps reach help when trapped or in need of help fast. So in this case, I am a backer of the message.

Music License: Stock music license

Similar Music on StockMusic.netRainbows, Inspiration Hope, Moment Inspiration

Martha Stewart

Jack in the Box

Food & Beverage • 30 Seconds •  David & Goliath

Who would believe that Martha Stewart the queen of "Living" would ever endorse a fast-food company? Well, here you have it. The creative geniuses at David & Goliath did a great job building an anticipated rivalry between Jack and herself. Its all to back Jack in the Box's new food truck series of food. They carefully used lots of stock music and sound effects to create a very zany and entertaining spot.

Music License: Stock music license

Similar Music on  Technology All Around UsCorporateUltimate World


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