From Creepy to Cool, Bobby Cole’s Music Will Set the Mood

Bobby Cole

Artist Bobby Cole Has Mastered the Art of Creating Atmosphere

"From haunting melodies to rock and roll backgrounds,  Bobby Cole has proven himself to be a master in creating music and sounds that can pull audiences into new and terrifying places..."

His catalog of music goes so deep that we are convinced Bobbly Cole doesnt sleep... His ability to combine multiple styles of music to paint a picture for the listener is hard to match.  Although he pulls from many musical influences, Bobby's sweet spots lie in creating music with haunting dramatic melodies that deliver visual atmospheres for film and TV.


Bobby has composed the score to many feature length films, Specializing in Horror Music. Bobby's latest films include Robert The Doll, Kill Kane, Poltergeist Activity, Haunting at the Rectory, and many more.



Bobby's music can he heard constantly on Television networks all over the world. Networks playing Bobby's music include MTV, ABC, Fox, BT, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Sky, NBC, CNN and many more.

Sound Design

In addition to creating music for television and film,  Bobby provides services in Sound Design, Audio Post Production ADR, Foley, SFX, Final Dub and much more. This extends to apps, new media, marketing videos,  and much more.

“Bobby Cole is a very talented artist, he is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy.

Robert Kreh, Dark Harvest Productions -

Collections By Bobby

The range of collections that Bobby's music is featured in ranges from Horror Ambient to Road Tripping.These are our favorite new collections we've created that include tracks composed and recorded by Bobby Cole.

Leave the stressful life you normally live and explore a new place of peaceful emotions. These new worlds will open up generously, welcoming you into their warm embrace.

Your space ship goes dark and your engines stop. You drift aimlessly in the vast reaches of the cosmos, and you're completely alone. Or... are you?

Rock out to these ten driving and motivational bangers. Take a trip through the ages of rock and roll with a diverse collection of tracks with varying feels and moods.


Rock Heavy Metal Corporate / Business Popular / Pop 1980s Motivational / Inspirational Retro / 1980s 1970s Folk Punk

A haunting ensemble of tunes that are sure to make your hair stand on end. Be prepared for a constant feeling of someone watching you, waiting for you to let your guard down.


Browse all of our collections or take a peek at Bobby's entire catalog by clicking here.

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