Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media

Small video details like color filters, background images, and font styles help the most mundane social media posts stand out, ensuring no one swipes or scrolls past. However, because content creation is a creative process, there's no single solution for making your projects pop. 

Instead, the most successful creators personalize their craft using the features offered by diverse content creation software. Find out how content creation tools for social media can drastically improve your online presence. 

What Are Digital Content Creation Tools?

Content creation tools like Canva and Readable make it easy to create digital content for social media, from long-form LinkedIn posts to eye-grabbing Instagram photos. All content tools and software have different intents, features, pricing, and limitations, so it's crucial to fully understand your options before investing in any programs. 

One current downfall of social media content creation is the saturation of popular tools. For instance, an editing app with millions of downloads implies it's dependable and useful. However, you risk your content looking exactly like everyone else's if you rely only on the app features to make it stand out. Therefore, to fully utilize content creation tools for social media, you must be mindful of the software you use and learn how to be creative with their tools.

Why Should You Use Content Creator Tools?

Content creation software can boost your social media presence by making your content more personalized and noticeable, begging viewers to stop scrolling. Many platforms have their own content creation features, such as Instagram's photo filters and TikTok's video-editing capabilities. However, most social media content tools don't compare to high-quality content creation software. 

Define Where You Are in the Content Creation Process

Before you select a content creation tool, you should determine where you are in your personal creator journey. Specifically, how much experience do you have producing or even viewing the content you plan to create?

Beginner and intermediate content creators should start with basic tools before moving on to more complex options. For example, while experienced video editors who have worked with Adobe Premiere Pro should adapt quickly to other intricate editing programs, new video editors should start with more basic tools. Relying on complex software before you know how to use them could lead to mistakes, missed features, and feeling overwhelmed.


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Best Social Media Content Creation Tools at Every Stage

The internet is home to countless content-creation apps, many of which are free. This variety drives creative innovation, though finding relevant content tools for your project goals can sometimes be challenging. Below are some of the most popular and dependable social media content creation software to benefit your creative and collaborative processes.

Content Planning and Research Tools

The "social media game" regularly changes for each platform, so your content and strategies should change too. Social media management and content research tools can help you navigate trends and platform specifications with every post.


Asana is an organizational software that helps individuals and teams manage projects stress-free. The app lets you create and organize projects, view progress, track tasks, manage workflow, share content ideas, and stay atop deadlines. It's especially ideal for collaboration, remote work, and projects with several steps. 

Content creators use Asana to communicate content strategies and progress with other creators and artists. For example, when making a video with complex motion graphics, Asana keeps all crew and editors apprised of VFX needs from pre-production to post. 


Due to social media's vast reach, it's not enough for most creators to use just one platform. However, opening every social media app whenever you have something to share can be both a hassle and a distraction. 

Buffer is a social media management app that lets you schedule posts across almost all platforms up to 10 days in advance. Additionally, since all social networks are different, the app analyzes and gives feedback on your engagement so you can better utilize your online activity. 


Loomly is a collaboration and marketing-focused app intended to help teams improve their communication and social media presence. Like Buffer, Loomly lets you create and schedule posts across social media platforms with personalized optimization strategies and topic ideas. 

What sets Loomly apart is that it allows multiple team members to access all content, social media accounts, and communication from one platform. This means everyone can access the same information, and there are no problems posting complex files. These features are especially optimal for larger marketing teams and collaborating content creators. 

Visual and Graphic Design Tools

Producing quality photo and video content requires more than pointing your camera in the right place. Visual content creation tools can bolster your words and projects so people will want to pay attention. 


Producing appealing visual content is challenging without years of photography and graphic design experience. To help with this, Pixabay features over a million royalty-free stock images ideal for backgrounds, slideshows, and social media graphics. 

Pixabay comprises many vibrant photographers and graphic designers whose work is covered under their content license. Thanks to this licensing, media from Pixabay is free to use for personal and commercial purposes without requiring credit or fees.


Canva is a multi-use graphic design tool featuring numerous design templates. Its simple-to-use setup helps users make any social media post or idea more catchy and visually appealing. Its most popular uses include Instagram posts, video titles, posters, and presentations.

Suppose you have a thought-provoking haiku you want to share. Canva's design templates let you stylishly format each line of your poem over a backdrop of your choice. You can even upload photos, such as those from Pixabay, and integrate them fluidly with other shapes, colors, and graphics — all with endless possibilities. 


Capcut is an all-in-one video editor for your phone or computer that's very popular among TikTok content creators. The app's content tools let you edit and add to your videos in ways TikTok's features can't achieve, such as with unique filters, graphics, keyframe animations, chroma key, and image stabilization. Furthermore, unlike TikTok, Capcut lets you upload audio content directly to your project, which is ideal when working with original or royalty-free music

Spending just a few extra minutes on Capcut to embellish your video will go a long way in making it unique. For instance, while most TikTok fonts now seem overused, Capcut's text options include numerous fonts and effects that are nearly impossible to skim over. Even professional video editors prefer Capcut for certain projects thanks to its simplistic setup yet comprehensive range of capabilities.

Writing and Editing Tools

What you say is just as important as how you say it. So, for any content creation, it's crucial to use writing and editing software to maximize your words. 


WordPress is an excellent solution for writers who want to get their content out there but don't know how. This open-source software is one of the most popular tools for creating websites, featuring easy-to-learn yet eye-catching website templates and styles. 

Its clean navigation menus are simple to set up and allow website visitors to quickly find the content they're searching for, making them optimal for blogs, portfolios, and landing pages. WordPress is also great for collaboration, allowing multiple users to create and edit posts within the same domain. 


Readable is a comprehensive writing tool that gauges your work's clarity, conciseness, and engagement. Rather than searching for specific grammar issues, Readable analyzes accessibility and usability, which are essential to consider when writing for wide audiences. You may know what you mean to say, but do your readers?

These features are ideal when you have a body of text that's technically accurate but still doesn't sit right. Running your writing through Readable won't just help you with individual writing samples but also help you discern your own writing styles and shortcomings.


Grammarly is a Cloud-based typing tool that improves the writing and editing processes. At a base level, it inspects your work for spelling and grammar issues, such as typos, missing spaces, and inconsistent punctuation. Beyond correctness, Grammarly also analyzes your writing for clarity, engagement, delivery, and style, with options to customize your intent, formality, and more. 

When installed into your writing software or phone keyboard, Grammarly can even monitor your writing as you go. This ensures you don't have to go back for as many mistakes and is excellent for checking the accuracy of social media posts. 

Getting Started on Your Content Creation Journey

As discussed, using just one content tool isn't enough to stand out amid today's online landscape. Especially for videos, content creators must fully utilize their projects' visual and audio elements, from the accuracy of graphic text to the music in the background. offers a vast range of royalty-free audio, ideal for personal and commercial projects. View our library and plans today to start using high-quality music without worrying about copyright or royalties. 

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