The Best Fun Background Music For YouTube


Sad, inspiring, exciting — music can lend a world of emotion to YouTube videos. One way to ensure a YouTube video’s popularity is to make it funny. 

Everyone loves to laugh, but what music do YouTubers use in their videos to make them comedic and memorable? It can be hard finding tracks that aren’t too expensive, whose rights aren’t too complicated to resolve — and which enhance the comedy of a video.

Royalty free music is the answer. It means that once creators pay a one-off fee to license a particular track, they have the right to make use of that piece of music indefinitely and in any number of ways. What music do YouTubers use in the background? The smart ones go royalty free.

As for finding a song that strikes the funny bone, factors like instrumentation, tempo, and genre can all play a part. But where is the best background music for YouTube videos? The answer is — right here. 

Each of these eighteen tracks was chosen for its ability to make funny videos better.

1. “Don’t Misbehave” by Dmitry Lifshitz

“Don’t Misbehave” is a charming, jaunty number perfect for a tip-toeing animated character. It evokes classic Looney Tunes animations. Happy and with a fun glockenspiel sound, “Don’t Misbehave” also has a pinch of classic 80s family films and their sense of enchantment.

2. “Behind The Corner” by Dominik Hauser

“Behind the Corner” is another tune that could come straight out of the world of wascally wabbits and puddy tats. It’s got a bouncy rhythm and, like the classic compositions of Carl Stalling for Looney Tunes, it’s likely to give animations and kids’ videos layers of additional suspense and charm. 

3. “Kids At Work” by Dominik Hauser

“Kids At Work” is a bright, nicely simple jingle that would work perfectly for any kids’ show. It’s the musical equivalent of primary colors: bold, upbeat, and memorable.

4. “Slides and Rides” by Dominik Hauser

“Slides and Rides” feels like a day at the carnival spent getting woozy on rides and eating a lot of cotton candy. It’s sweet with a sense of adventure. It has a feeling of swirling escalation, and it’s a great track to add scope, comedy, and fun to any video.

5. “Stealing the Cake” by Dominik Hauser

As its name implies, “Stealing the Cake” conveys a sense of mischief and suspense. It is a perfect track in support of comedic cartoon sneaking, which is, after all, one of the primary plot drivers of any good animation. The production quality on “Stealing the Cake” is particularly rich, with woodwinds, percussion, and strings lending just the right emotion for a character helping themselves to another treat.

6. “Dizzy Duck” by Joel Loopez

The whimsical, expressive sound of a muted trumpet gives “Dizzy Duck” a playful, jazzy quality. Its use of strings and flutes makes it feel like the most delightful and charming score to a children’s movie. “Dizzy Duck” could work to add an extra dimension to a video of an actual duck to make it all the more dizzy or daffy.

7. “Clown Shoes” by Jamie Graham

“Clown Shoes,” like clowns themselves, is slightly eerie fun, with odd-sounding glitches that make this stand out as a track of singular character. Funky beats kick in to support the funhouse vibe with a driving march. Synthesizer flourishes keep it all moving and fresh. 

8. “Twixy Comes” by Dominik Hauser

“Twixy Comes” has definite Seinfeld theme vibes with a bouncy bass guitar. But it has a pleasingly wonky melody layered over it, too. Any funny video involving a jumping castle — or outer space — might work with this one. It feels futuristic and quirky at the same time.

9. “Funny Flies” by ONENAIL

Just like the name implies, “Funny Flies” conjures a funny (maybe drunken?) fly wending its way through the sky. It zig-zags along with some happy, bendy synths. 

10. “Funny Rock and Roll” by Ikoliks

It’s funny, but it’s still rock and roll. It’s cheerful and rocking with piano and guitar, perfect for anyone looking to get the old band back together. In all, it’s perfect royalty free funny music.

11. “Dork” by Eddie Grey

It has a harsh name for a bouncy, countrified piece of rocking banjo. But it could certainly accompany a hayseed character or any poorly coordinated sadsack.

12. “Promenade” by Dmitriy Lukyanov

Bouncy and a bit more European, “Promenade” feels like perfect jaunty comedy background music for some Chaplinesque slapstick.

13. “Happy Upbeat Eighties” by ProTraxx

“Happy Upbeat Eighties” is exactly that — the poppy end credits music to those classic 80s British romcom or feel-good hit. This song will take listeners for a walk on a ray of sunshine. 

14. “4th Annual Unicycle and Jugglers Convention” by Don Julin

A funny music instrumental, it’s all glockenspiels and slide whistles for this whimsical number. It’ll put listeners in the juggling mood.

15. “My Dog Skippy” by Patrick Smith

It’s wholesome 1950s sweetness, perfect for a family or animal-themed video. It’s happy, curious, and fun background music with all the bounce of a new puppy and echoes of sitcom classics. 

16. “Riot” by Cinescape

How do you choose background music for YouTube videos? It’s whatever enhances a video’s main idea and tone. Sometimes, comedy needs energy, and this fast-paced punk guitar track with pounding drums would add some serious propulsion (or funny counterpoint) to any comedy YouTube video.

17. “Eat My Dust” by Robert Wayne Johnson

Another hard-rocking track with more of a heavy metal edge, “Eat My Dust,” would make for some excellent juxtaposition to a pastoral scene (say). A lot of comedy relies on juxtaposition. Creators can get creative with how they use fun background YouTube music!

18. “Biker Punks” by Robert Wayne Johnson

Sure, this track sounds heavy, but give it a chance — all these biker punks want to do is help out some poor YouTube video creator by giving their videos some awesome, Ramones-like pace.

Find the Best Funny Background Music

What are good background songs for videos? Songs that add emotional appeal and comedic punch. Funny background music lets creators rely less on dialogue (which doesn’t always translate) and more on universal emotional cues. 

Getting tangled up in rights situations isn’t fun for anyone, so the best course of action is to go with royalty free music. 

As well as the above tracks, Stock Music has a world of great funny background music for videos. Stock Music can supply the right accompaniment for any funny video!

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