Design Ideas for Your DIY Video Studio


Video has become more important in everyday life. As we all know, the pandemic forced us to use video as a communication method. Also, video is essential for businesses and their marketing strategy. Sometimes, renting a studio is the right option and for others, a DIY video studio makes better sense. In this article, we will discuss video production studios and video studio setups.

Video Production Studio

Everyone uses video in their everyday life. We are all very visual people. We also have high expectations for video quality. Whether you're watching YouTube videos or other streaming services, we want a crisp product. 

Are your videos getting “likes” and shared? People are looking for professional-quality videos. Accomplishing this may be easier said than done. Setting up a video studio requires planning and professional equipment. 

High-quality, portable camera

You can’t have a video without a camera. Having a camera is the number one priority when it comes to setting up a video studio. If you have a large budget, you can get a high-end camera with more features. You can also find discounts and deals at stores.

A tripod

A tripod is also essential to have when setting up a successful video studio. Just because your camera has good stabilization features doesn’t mean you can skip having a tripod. Your audience will notice the slightest shakes in your video. Tripods improve video quality. 

A gimbal



A gimbal is another tool to help you stabilize your video. It removes shakiness when you’re moving the camera. Before choosing a gimbal you need to decide on the type of camera you’re going to use and how you plan to move your camera. The more expensive the gimbal will provide even more stabilization to your video. Always do your research before making a purchase.

An external microphone


Video cameras have great microphones. However, to make the sound even better, getting an external microphone will improve your audio quality. You need a good microphone to capture different kinds of sounds. Before you invest in a good microphone, evaluate what types of videos you’re going to create. 



A video studio requires lights. This will make a big difference in the quality of your video. You’ll need to consider many factors before investing in lighting equipment. Lights are the second most expensive items you’ll need to buy. The right lighting equipment will depend on your studio space and the room you have to set up lights.

Editing software

Editing software is another essential component to setting up a successful video studio. Not all the video footage you take will be perfect and usable. Again, do your research before purchasing video editing software. Video editing should be enjoyable and easy, especially for beginners. Video editing software also provides a way to add entertaining features to your video. 

Video Studio Setup

Once you have the proper video equipment and space, it’s time to set up your DIY video studio. Get creative and have fun. There are a plethora of ideas out there for setting up your studio. 

Halo light DIY video studio


Using a halo light and placing your camera in the middle of the light is one option when setting up your video studio.  A single light is beneficial because it lights you up and instantly turns any empty or cluttered room into a studio. It also brings you close to the camera with a simple mic, eliminating the need for more technical sound equipment. Finally, it gives your video a more stunning look than just using overhead ceiling lights. One drawback, however, is that the halo light can cause a reflection in your eyes, giving them an unnatural look.

Lights and backdrop kit DIY video studio

Another studio setup option is using lights and a backdrop kit. You can easily find these kits on Amazon. This is quick and is the second most simple way to set up a video studio. The kits generally come with a black, white, or green screen backdrop and two inexpensive box lights. The kit can be easily transported so you can set up a studio at home, in an office, or even in a hotel room. One drawback to using a backdrop kit is that it can be a bit boring since they are simply just a background.

Home Depot rigged DIY video studio

Next, don’t let your budget stop you from setting up a studio. Many DIY video studios can be set up using less expensive gear from your local Home Depot store. You can use home construction tips to bring more light into your home and supplement expensive lighting equipment. 

Turning your home into a DIY video studio

You can use the need for a video production studio as an excuse to do a little remodeling. For instance, if you create cooking videos you’ll want to set up your studio in your home kitchen. Perhaps you are creating how-to videos about car repair. You’ll need to set up your studio in the garage. Setting up a DIY video studio around your house will ultimately save you money.

Office DIY video studio

Office spaces can be another great place for your video studio. Since many people started working from home, an office space became essential. Because of this, you may have already set up a welcoming place to get your work done. It’s easy to convert this nice space into a professional-looking video studio.

Closet DIY video studio

Who needs a closet when you can use it to set up your DIY studio? In fact, a walk-in closet might be the perfect space. Again, it’s all about creativity, budget, and studio needs. Many times closet studios are used more for audio and podcasting. It may not be ideal for a video studio, but useful nonetheless.

Creative DIY video studio


Every DIY video studio involves some creativity. This last idea can vary in cost but is certainly unique. Creative DIY video studios can be fun to look at and you may use a number of different ideas to give the studio an individualized, unique look.

Finally, DIY video studios should be functional spaces. If you’re new to videography or considering the use of video, don’t let the need for a studio intimidate you. Start with some of these ideas and go from there. Making videos should be fun for you to create and entertaining for your audience.


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