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Our musicians can create a unique, exclusive track for your production.

It's more affordable then you might think! represents over 180 amazing, talented artists. Combined, our composers are masters at every genre, mood, and category of music imagined. We have helped dozens of satisfied clients through the process of designing and creating unique, exclusive tracks used in a variety of media applications.

Would you like an an exclusive track for your wedding? We can do that. Would you like an exclusive sound track to back your cat videos? We can do that too. You even have the option to own the exclusive copyright to the track. Explore our easy to use quote tool and discover how affordable custom music creation is. Please keep in mind, these are just quotes. The actual price will change, depending upon many factors. It cannot be determined until we actually work with the composer and define the project.

We look forward to working with you! A representative will quickly follow up to review and begin working on your order.

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