Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos

Licensing music royalty free should be simple


We've all run into the YouTube music dilemma: you make an awesome video, pick the perfect music, upload to YouTube, and then, it gets taken down. Why?.

Because of music copyright infringement. Even when you haven't selected a popular song and you thought you were in the clear, poof! Your video is gone. So how do you get around this issue?  It's simple.  Just purchase affordable, high quality royalty free music for YouTube.


I Can Use Royalty Free Music on YouTube?

Yes, you can. It's the most surefire way to make sure your video isn't taken down by YouTube's Content ID system.  When you purchase royalty free music, you are really buying a license that allows certain usage of the music, YouTube included.  So when the YouTube Content ID scans your video, you won't be flagged for copyright infringement. With a royalty free music license, the artist is allowing you to use their music as it is defined in that license.  Gone are the days of large record labels putting restricting usage with strict requirements for your video. You can upload your work with peace of mind.

Free vs. Purchased Royalty Free Music

High quality and royalty free music does come with a price. It's much easier to upload music you already own with your video. But if you want your projects to shine on YouTube you have to follow the rules. And while there are many sites out there with amazing royalty free music at a decent price, not paying anything is pretty appealing. Luckily, there are royalty free music sites that don't charge for downloads. Free royalty free music does exist! But be warned - it is usually much lower quality with a smaller scope of options. So will you be able to find that perfect track at no cost? Maybe. But chances are slim.  The chances are even more slim that your background music will sound unique, as all free music has undoubtedly been downloaded by thousands of other media producers.  Buying royalty free music is the way to go if you have a specific sound and feel in mind. You are able to easily search and find that track that will complete your vision for your YouTube video.

YouTube Intros and Outros

The usage of a royalty free music license is nearly boundless.  One important usage for royalty free music on YouTube are great intros and outros. It's a good option when you have content that doesn't need a full soundtrack or background music but you need a logo that signifies the beginning and end. If you are building a brand with your YouTube channel, having the same music start and end your videos will create an association. When viewers hear that intro, they know it's your video. Which is another awesome aspect of royalty free music: you buy the track once and use it as many times as you want. And when you need more than an intro theme? You know that a royalty free music license is still the best way to score your video.


With a royalty free music license you're able to get around the copyright ID system on YouTube. Does that mean is it copyright free? No, royalty free music tracks still have copyrights. The artist still holds the rights to the music they created. From your end it may seem like the music is copyright free, but really the company that sold you the music is handling those issues so you don't have to.

Seeing a warning that your video is a copyright infringement is scary! You don't want to break any laws or have your video taken down from your channel. But rest assured knowing when you use royalty free music, you won't have to worry about it. Even thought the music is copyrighted, you've purchased the right to use it in your video.

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