A Review of Joi Veer’s New Album “Beauty and Madness”

All of the songs on the new album “Beauty and Madness” are now available on StockMusic.net. This royalty-free music by Joi Veer is ideal for anyone looking for a set of cohesive songs to form the soundtrack to your next YouTube series, podcast, or video game.

Instrumental Versions of Songs Available

Most of the songs have instrumental versions. That makes “Beauty and Madness” an excellent addition to the Stockmusic.net library. It’s always great to have both. While instrumentals are obvious choices for background music, adding in the vocals during a montage, podcast bumper music, or any other part of a production without voiceover can add energy. Having both versions can make a production’s mood feel more cohesive than if you had to find completely different songs.

Joi Veer’s vocals are clear and well enunciated, adding an alternative rock feeling to the tracks. At the same time, the songs sound complete without vocals, still conveying complex moods and feelings.

Varied Tones and Moods

This album evokes an incredible range of emotions during the listening experience — from the introspective “Holding My Heart” to the exuberant “In On It.”  While the tones are quite variable, the songs tie together with a strong rock-flavored influence. Even songs with more ethereal, new-age, or tech vibes (like “Holding My Heart” and “Things Change”) contain strong guitar hooks that keep them down to earth. Within the songs themselves, fun hooks and moody digressions keep listeners on their toes.

What Kinds of Projects Would “Beauty and Madness” Work For?

This album would be great to check out if you have a video project or series that could use a range of emotional pieces that feel cohesive together. It could also work if you need songs that bring the listener on the journey rather than keeping them in place.

Overall, the album has a more masculine feel. The songs all seem to have a well-balanced mix of beachy guitar, alternative rock drum beats, and futuristic synths.

The Songs

Because the songs on this album all feel so unique, it is worth going through each one individually.

“Right Here with You”

This opener is one of the strongest songs on the album. “Right Here with You” has a slow BPM but nevertheless brings energy. The bright guitar paired with a moody synth create excellent balance and intrigue.

“In the Moment”

“In the Moment” is a cheerful, synth-filled rock song with a catchy hook.

“Suddenly It's Alright”

“Suddenly It’s Alright” has a slow opening that would be great for panning shots. Then it opens into a cheerful, feel-good song that would fit into any indie movie’s romance montage.

“Holding My Heart”

“Holding My Heart” is a slower track at 134 BPM, perfect for calm or even sad moments in a video. Synths similar to sting instruments come in near the end for a cinematic flourish.

“In on It”

“In on It” has the catchiest guitar hook on the album, along with an enthusiastic drum beat that makes you want to dance.

“Things Change”

“Things Change” has a catchy vocal hook that would make a great podcast bumper track.

“Maximum Expression”

“Maximum Expression” has the most punk feeling on the album with its funky drum beat.

“Porcelain Doll”

“Porcelain Doll” starts slow and builds with a sense of excitement, creating a ballad feel. This track would work well for panning shots and for product overview shots.

“Make Me Happy”

“Make Me Happy” opens with intense space vibes that could be perfect for the background music to a tech review. The rest of the song tamps down on the space vibes and introduces a beach guitar for a balanced and fun track.

“The Unknown”

“The Unknown” has a new age opening that builds into an intense, melancholy rock ballad. Periodically, it is broken up by an abrupt rock riff that could be just the mood change you need for a video.

“Who You Are”

“Who You Are” has a slow and steady beat with a dash of synths, making it the perfect background music for relaxed B-roll of the beach.

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