How to use Royalty Free Music in YouTube Videos

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Over the years YouTube has cracked down on content. Their Content ID system has made it especially difficult to publish a video with music along to it. Gone are the days when you could create a video with a soundtrack of your favorite band or musician. In fact, it seems nearly impossible to post any music without it being flagged for Content ID violation. Royalty free music just might be your solution.

How to Make Awesome Sports Videos – 5 Tips

As athletes from around the world ascend on Peyong Chang, so do the thousands of people looking to capture the perfect Olympic moment on film. That polished product you see on TV and online is not done overnight, and is the result of years of experience, experimentation, and editing. 

Facts About Super Bowl 2018 Car Commercials

Car manufacturers made the impossible, possible this year through ten different commercials that ran during the four quarter of play. Audience were able to revisit Jeff Goldblum getting chased by a T-Rex, see Steven Tyler go back in time, and watch the Black Panther claw his way into a Lexus.

Super Bowl 2018 Halftime Commercials

The Super Bowl was all marching bands until one crisp Sunday in 1993 when Michael Jackson took the stage and changed the Halftime show forever. It has done nothing but grow since then. As the shows got larger, the advertisers began fighting over the 30 seconds before or after the big show.

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