Why Waiting Music Matters

On average, we are to spend a total of 1.2 hours on hold in our lifetime. And even more when you factor in waiting rooms and lobbies. How can you make this experience ideal for your customer and employees?

How to Create Terrifying Horror Film Music

Terrifying Horror Music

What makes horror movie music so scary? It’s not always just the spooky film score that plays when the villain comes on screen. Finding the right sounds that will make audiences jump out of their seats can be more difficult than you think. We looked into the tactics being used by audio experts today that help turn a scary scene…into a terrifying one.

How to Find Royalty Free Music with Great Vocals

Licensing music with vocals is extremely difficult, and can be expensive. If they are so hard to come by, how can you find amazing vocals for your media production? The good news is it is possible to source quality vocals at an affordable price. There is lots of great stock music out there with wonderful, high quality vocals. Here are some tips to find some.

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