Interview: CEO Ryan Allen on Making Music Licensing Simple.

Ryan Allen, CEO of, shares his unique journey in an interview with Niel Guilarte from All Things Post.  The interview details his vision for rebuilding an existing brand in order to better serve the creative community with music licensing....

They both wasted no time diving into the opportunities and challenges of music licensing  on the podcastAll Things Post.  Over the next 45 minutes they discussed Ryan's relaunch of the platform, the importance of finding the best royalty free music, and what he is doing to make licensing easier for the creative community.

Niel Guilarte/ All Things Post Podcast

What makes Niel stand out from the hundreds of other podcasts out there focusing on video production and editing, is his first hand experience and passion of the subject matter.  Niel lives and breathes all parts of the video production process. This is proven by a loyal community of editors, filmmakers, and video junkies that follow his videos, weekly interviews, and active Facebook group.

This all makes for a fantastic interview where  Niel talks to Ryan about his journey to rebuild into a top rated stock music library, bringing hand curated music to creatives everywhere and the goal of making music licensing as simple as possible.

Listen to the full interview here.

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About Niel Guilarte and All Things Post

Filmmaker and producer, Niel Guilarte owns WildStyle Media Group and produces films and commercials for business owners around the country.  In addition to producing, Niel hosts the weekly podcast, All Things Post for his networks of peers that include the industry's most influential players and trendsetters.

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