How to Choose the Best Sports Music for Your Video Production

Throughout history, sports have provided us with some of the most memorable and exciting moments of our lives. Babe Ruth calling his shot in the ’32 world series, the immaculate reception from Franco Harris in 1972, and the miracle on ice from the 1980 US Olympic hockey team, are all examples of thrilling, iconic moments in sports in which those who witnessed them all revere them fondly and look back with admiration. The footage captured during these flashes of glory have solidified their place in history and will never be lost or forgotten. Classic moments like these and other sports media permeates our everyday lives on the internet, radio, television, and video games. Rooting for and supporting our favorite teams and players is something we are all passionate about and gives us a sense of accord with other fans. For these reasons, the sports video is easily one of the most beloved forms of content on the web and as in all types of media production, syncing the perfect piece of music to your video can enhance your highlight footage or montage and add some tremendous flair.

Why are Sports Productions Different?

Sports productions are unique and differ from other types of media in that they provide viewers with unparalleled excitement and intensity. The physical skill and spectacle on display is something we can all appreciate and fraternize about at work or in chat rooms. We all enjoy watching highlights of a clutch homerun, a go-ahead touchdown, or the game winning goal. Sports media is in our blood and can be found just about anywhere. Syncing any of the quality selections from the royalty free sports music category at StockMusic can certainly provide your production with a finished, professional look.

How to Choose the Best Sports Music for Your Video Production

When choosing the right tracks for your sports media a lot of variables need to be considered. Of course, the type of video you are producing is relevant, but the overall tone or emotion you are attempting to elicit out of your viewers is also important. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are two very distinct dynamics that would warrant contrasting music selections. A documentary about ballet would most likely require something on the more melodic and tranquil flow while a super bowl recap would warrant something much more intense and energetic.

Identify the Type of Production

Film, documentaries, podcasts, promotional pieces, and training videos are but a few of the sports productions that are popular these days, and like all media, can be royalty free sports sounds. Sports media is constantly growing and evolving with the times and as technology advances. It is important to establish what type of production you aim to create and who your potential viewers are. Knowing the style and emotion you are working with and the preferences of your audience is a nice foundation to help you find the perfect piece of music to accompany your creation.

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Consider the Specific Sport

The wide world of sports is as diverse as the expansive styles of music we all know and love. Certain sports productions will call for different types of music. A documentary on the Olympics might resonate with your audience more when a splendid, majestic melody is added while a hockey highlight reel will benefit from some old school organ tunes and some crowd noise. Add some hip hop to your basketball project or some punk rock to a skate or snow board video. There is so much variety in sport and in music that the possibilities are endless for any style production. Sometimes, even thinking outside the box can prove effective. Try syncing some music that seems completely out of sorts for the piece of video you are using. The unexpected or surprising results can set your projects apart from the everyday video we come across so often.


Watch Your Own Biases

We all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to sports and music. Which teams we support and which genres we listen to can have positive, but also negative effects on our media creations. At times, and depending on the project, it is important to attract as large of an audience as possible, so being aware of our biases in these areas should be considered. While it may be easier to help with creativity by using music and styles you love, we don’t want to alienate potential viewers by choosing music some may find displeasing or worse yet, offensive. A personal creation, that’s from the heart, where you can truly be creative, is a great opportunity to try new things, while an important project for your producers at work is when you’ll want to dutifully attempt to meet their demands. Know when to take chances and when to play it safe.

Decide What Parts Will Have Intense Music

When it comes to sports, sometimes silence can be as effective as complete pandemonium. The hush before a tournament winning putt or the calm as the ball is hiked for a game winning field goal are examples of critical moments in sports that everyone can identify with. Emphasis on these key moments are imperative to maintaining the realism and intensity that sports provide. If a star athlete is being interviewed or a broadcaster is explaining a pivotal moment during a match, it is important to make sure these elements are at the forefront of the project and not interrupted by clamorous music. Finding the right areas to insert your audio into your work is just as crucial as the music itself.

Use Music to Highlight the Most Important Parts

A good sports video production will have peaks and valleys, highs and lows. An underdog squad defying the odds and outshining their opponent, culminating in joyous victory is a truly exciting and unique moment that can be even more enhanced by the right choice of music. That instant the ball is headed into the goal in a soccer match or the knock-out blow is landed in a heavy weight fight are all occasions where the right moment of a tune can elevate your project and truly reach your audience.


We all enjoy watching sports. The skill involved, the athleticism on display, the sights and sounds, the ups and downs, and overcoming adversity are all tremendously unique elements that sports present us. They provide an extraordinary sense of excitement, engagement and intensity that is uncommon in other forms of media. Syncing music that shares these same thrilling qualities can transform your sports productions and make them truly stand out. When it comes down to it and presented befittingly, sports and music go hand in hand. Complimenting each other in ways other mediums fail to achieve. Choosing the right soundtrack for your next sports production should be a fun endeavor and result in a powerful piece of media that engages your audience. Be sure to check out the tremendous selection of high-quality royalty free music and sound effects at for your next project.

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