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Music, Sound Effects and Games

Soundtracks play an important role in gaming. They keep the player engaged, announce special encounters or events, and can even influence the way a player behaves. It’s not surprising then that some of the most popular AAA games — like Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption II — have become famous for their music and in some cases even licensed songs.

The fun thing about music in gaming, however, is that its impact is not just reserved for those larger-than-life console titles. It plays a key role in games of all kinds, from PC games accessible on steam, to mobile games with notable soundtracks… And online casino games are no exception.

In recent years, game studios have put a lot of effort into improving this category, with sophisticated animation and more complex game mechanics taking center stage. But sound has played a crucial role as well, and it’s with that in mind that we want to shout out some of the best examples of online casino games using music to provide more engaging experiences.

Karaoke Party

With the clear intention of reminding karaoke fans of the fun times they spend on this high-energy hobby in the real world, the Karaoke Party slot is filled with relatable pictures of friends singing together. Surprisingly though, instead of using karaoke tracks, the game has created its own soundtrack designed to entertain the player without being too distracting to follow the action. It basically gives you the essence of a karaoke night without actually playing you the same old songs — which keeps you on your toes, and makes the gaming experience a lot more engaging.

Masters of Valhalla

It’s not uncommon these days for slot games to use soundtracks that match a given historical or mythological theme. Masters of Valhalla is a new exclusive game at Gala Spins that embraces this trend to spectacular effect, presenting background music that fits the Nordic mythology themes like a glove. If you listened for the first time with your eyes closed, you’d think you were about to sit in for an epic film or television show a la Gladiator or Vikings, bringing an ancient adventure to life. In the context of the game, the original music simply heightens the action and deepens the sense of immersion.

Rednex K.O. Cotton Eye Joe

A number of years back, the band Rednex exploded in popularity with its version of the traditional song “Cotton Eye Joe.” The group’s music video gained millions of views on YouTube, and the song on YouTube was played repeatedly at their concerts (not to mention on loud speakers in sports stadiums around the U.S.). In a very fun move (not to mention probably an ingenious marketing ploy), the band then allowed for the use of its catchy tune as background music for a country-themed animated slot. The game is sure to leave everyone who plays it humming the song hours after they finish playing.

Guns N’ Roses Slot

The game uses the beloved logos created for one of the most successful rock bands of the ’80s and ’90s, while also playing some of fans’ favorite songs in the background. Indeed, a readers’ poll at Rolling Stone named “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Welcome To The Jungle” both among the band’s five best efforts, and both are prominently featured in this game for players to enjoy. On top of these songs, the game also uses clips from classic concerts during transitions between rounds. Altogether, this content makes for one of the most exciting slot games around, from an audio standpoint in particular.

Game of Thrones Power Stacks

Sure, nobody really enjoyed the ending of Game of Thrones, but few can argue that it was largely a terrific show — and has one of the most exciting soundtracks in TV history. This officially licensed slot offers gamers the chance to win money by lining up pictures of beloved (and hated) characters while listening to the memorable and captivating opening theme music from the show. The game also presents animations and iconic clips from the show, but it’s really the music that makes it feel official (and epic).

Casino slots are actually some of the most relaxing games out there, allowing gamers to just chill out and enjoy simple gameplay in pleasant or entertaining atmospheres (with the chance of winning money, of course). With the infusion of great music though — from original compositions capturing atmospheres, to licensed material from rock bands and TV shows — these games have also grown more original and unique. Fans of epic stories and mythology now know they can dive into their favored settings with help from the musical content of games like Masters of Valhalla or Game of Thrones Power Stacks; rock fans can enjoy legendary songs while gaming with the Guns N’ Roses Slot, and so on. It really isn’t a stretch to say that music has transformed the category.

We hope this has opened your eyes to a whole genre of musical entertainment! And for more on great music and how it fits into the world around us, come visit Stock Music again soon.

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