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9 Tips for Creating Fantastic Social Media Video That People Will Love and Share

Since the dawn of Internet video, people have been more likely to view online videos vs. watching TV. For brands, this means it's become imperative to showcase your product and services in visual form. Creating an engaging and informative video is an excellent medium for this. The right mix of creative and thoughtful video is one way to get viral across different social media platforms globally and quickly.

As a savvy marketer, you know that video is an excellent way to engage your audience and video marketing is the right approach to reach your brand goals. Data shows that video marketing generates the largest viewership numbers on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Here are some hard numbers backing why you need to use video marketing:

These are some compelling reasons for incorporating video into your marketing. But how can you create an engaging and optimized video? With the arrival of modern online video making tools, creating custom social media video is no longer a difficult job. Of all the different tools available we like to use Renderforest to create a fantastic video. With this tool, it’s easy to create video by choosing one of their pre-designed templates.

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Understanding what you need to create a powerful video and actually creating a video are two different things. On the surface, video creation might seem easy, but it’s not.  There are several considerations you should take when creating engaging video content.

9 Fundamentals for Creating Fantastic Social Media Video That People Will Love and Share

It is crucial to understand how to serve your audience.  It’s the only way you can engage and grow your fanbase. Here are some fundamentals you can implement to create a result-driven video. You do not need to apply all these fundamentals. Just go through them and figure out what will work best for your business, your content, and your visitors.

1) Know Your Target Audience

Don’t even start until you have a crisp understanding of your target audience.   Without understanding who your target persona is, what their values, ambitions, and goals are, your production will never be watched.  This is the most fundamental concept that should drive all your marketing efforts. Until you can define exactly who you are speaking to, stop and do more research!

2) Know Your Video Objective

Before you start creating a video, take some time and clearly define the aim of your video.  Simply ask yourself the following questions; What is your motive behind creating this video? What do you want your visitors to take away from it?  What emotion do you want your audience to feel when watching? Determine your objective and the expectations of your audience before you move to video creation.

3) Pick the Right Video Content

The next step to come up with an effective video idea. Pick the right content for your video depending on your purpose. This means you should know who are you trying to reach and what their expectations are. There are lots of types of video including an instructional video, personalized video, and FAQs. You can display a brand story, short documentaries, and how-tos through video. Decide the type of video you are looking for your brand and only then start with the creation process.

4) Keep the Videos Short

When it comes to audience engagement, your video length plays a great role. This recent study determined One-fifth of visitors click away from a video within the first 10 seconds. Therefore you need to keep your videos short and simple. The length of your brand video should be 2 minutes or less. A video with 2-minute length helps you get the optimum engagement.

5) Center the Video Around Your Brand Story

As a marketer, your job is to appeal to the needs, desires and wants of your customers. Try to avoid concentrating on boosting your brand. Instead, focus on the core value you are offering your audience.

6) Do Not Be Boring

Most of the time, there are several brands with the same business and similar messaging across your market segment. So, how to set yourself apart from your competitors? In this context, you must be interesting and unique from others. Nobody likes boring stuff. So try to make it fun and informative at the same time. Be bold and try to make your videos visually enticing. You can also experiment with humor, interactive and animation videos.

7) Use Music To Drive Emotion

At, we define music as “The language of emotion”.  It’s a good idea to start with a clear vision of exactly how you want your viewers to feel when watching your video.  You can include some punch and intensity to your video by adding powerful music. Or install a light feeling of joy with ukulele or whistle music.  If you wish for a more touching feeling or human connections, try soft piano music. Adding music to your video not only makes it interesting but also adds a professional touch.  Websites like offer large libraries of handpicked music from the best musicians across the world.   Adding great music to your video will enhance your viewer's emotional response, and make it even more engaging.

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8) Determine Where to Distribute Your Video

When creating a video, you also need to keep in mind where will your video go. There are several platforms including directly on your website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You need to create your video and video content depending on the specific platform you’re going to upload that video.  Research the transcoding and size requirements for the platforms you choose before you upload. It will save you a lot of time and energy.

9) Measure & Analyze Performance

Once you’ve created a video, upload it on the desired platform and get ready to measure and analyze performance. There are many things you need to track including CTR (click-through rate), referral traffic, number of views, engagement rate, comments & feedback, and the number of likes & shares. The higher the views and shares on your video, the more people are finding your video attractive and informative. It means you have followed the right video making strategy.


These are some effective fundamentals you should consider when creating a marketing video. Implementing these ideas when creating a fantastic social media video will encourage people to like and share it further. Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the most popular forms of displaying content across the world. Videos are not just fun, they provide a way to get close to your target audience and give a glimpse of your business and what your existing clients think about you. The key is to think beyond sales and profit and deliver something of value to your target audience.

Remember to capture your philosophy, offer valuable information, and capture your audience’s values throughout your video. The more you can capture your audience’s hearts and minds, the more likely they are to believe in your brand.

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